A friendly notes from Here There and Yonder (International Day of the Lebanese Emigrant 2016)

A friendly notes from Here There and Yonder


Dear Brother Farid Makarim

It was a beautiful occasion and your participation made it rich and more meaningful.You filled the absence of our president and your words were very wise and touching, overall those who missed that week end missed a show of solidarity among the community and the demonstration of devotion to their beloved Lebanon and the appreciation to Canada and its civilized people.
Thank you for your kind words and God keeps you to be our proud leader, we are very proud of you.

Yours, with respect Georges Murr


Georges Murr  (World Vice President of WLCU)                                                            250-885-8571.

Marcelle Moussalli( Burnaby)


Well done, excellent presentation, wonderful receptions. Proud of our BC Lebanese Society. Thx for all your hardship work.

John Hayek (Langley)

Dr Nick and the organizers

Allow me to show my deepest respect towards all the efforts that I see you put out into these events! 

God bless you all, your efforts are a necessity towards the survival of this association. A lot of people underestimate the effort, time and mostly the “heart” dedicated for this to take place but I must say that I get impressed every single time! 

The context and “content” of the events is always interesting and captivating! 

I raise my hat to all of  you! 

God bless you and please send my best regards to all the team! 

John Hayek                                                                                                       President, Keen Construction


Leila Saliba Khattar (Melbourne)

6:31pm Mar 12

Congratulations and great work Lebanese Canadians Abranians, hope to see you all soon

Tony Elias Harb (Sydney)
يا قرايبي، جبران أوحَى لك
تحمل الشعلة ويسطع هلالك
من الشرق من سدني لأقصى الغرب
كلّنا منفخر بأعمالك

Ibtissam Khoury (Lebanon)

11:04pm Mar 12

Proud of you dr nick

Edmond Massih (France)

9:22am Mar 13

Nick, par ton dynamisme et ton travail, tu fais honneur à L’ULCM. amitié



Habib Maroun (France)

March 13 at 1:26am




ولاد عبرا لامعين وين ما برموا .. لبنان كلّو بيفتخر بالدكتور نيكولا



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