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A letter from Eng. Ali Shami (Seatle) to WLCU- British Columbia Council.

Dear leaders of WLCU – British Columbia Council, Vancouver,
Last weekend was another awesome experience for me! I left Vancouver heading for Seattle with a greater hope for a better Lebanon. Engaging with a wonderful and good hearted people such as yourselves and the Lebanese Canadian community there cannot be expressed in words.
 Your love and appreciation of Canada without a doubt warmed up the hearts of the honorable Canadian guests.
 The Leadership, Love and Humility evident in the hearts and the tongues of the community there make one’s faith in the homeland grow. A faith that grows bigger and higher than the dark clouds currently hovering over our country of origin.
 I am proud and like H.E. Counsellor & Chargé d’Affaires Mr. Sami Haddad, I am also hopeful for a better Lebanon than it used to be! The wise words of Mr. Farid Makarim, the moving poem by Dr. Anis Karam, and the heart felt speeches by the outstanding presenters resonated with me and the audience greatly! Dr. Nick Kahwaji, your surprise kept me speechless.
Your leadership is noted and appreciated!



Grant me not the Treasures of Kings, without the Generosity of Farmers

Not the Intrepidity of Warriors, without the Innocence of Children

Not the Celerity of Accomplishments, without the Insight of the Wise

Not an Eloquent tongue, without a Listening Ear

Not the Sword of Logic, without the Sheath of Compassion”.

                                                                     ~Ali Shami


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