Lebanese Canadian FAYCAL EL-KHOURY, a new member of Canadian parliament




Originally from Lebanon, Faycal El-Khoury settled in Canada in 1976. Known for his dedication to community service and his focus on the well-being of his fellow citizens, he now wishes to fight to defend their interests in Ottawa.

Faycal has always demonstrated professional leadership. Only one year after earning his degree in civil engineering from Concordia University, he established his own construction company and contributed directly to the residential construction boom in the metropolitan region. Since 2005, he has been a consultant specializing in business relations with the Middle East. Through this work he has helped several Canadian companies win significant international contracts.

Locally, Faycal is known as someone who builds and sustains community relationships through his open-minded approach. He provides a bridge between the many cultural and religious communities in the riding and he has been tremendously effective at fostering the integration of refugees and new immigrants to the Quebec society.


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