The Rotary club in Lebanon has an interesting gathering of Rotarians of Lebanese descent from around the world.

A message from the lebanese emigration research centre: 
The Rotary club in Lebanon has an interesting gathering of Rotarians of Lebanese descent from around the world.

An invitation from Ronald Farra
Dear Rotarian friends

Pursuant to their mission of building better friendship for a more peaceful world, and after the successful “Together in Lebanon 2010”, the Rotary clubs of Lebanon invite Rotarians of Lebanese origin as well as Rotarians friends of Lebanon, their friends and families, to the 2nd international gathering in Lebanon: “Together in Lebanon 2015”.

A week long program of tours and festivities is scheduled from Monday October 5, till Sunday October 11, 2015. 

Visiting Rotarians will have the opportunity to: 

– Discover and Experience Lebanon by immersing themselves in its rich cultural and religious heritage, mingling with the Lebanese and exploring various regions.

– Benefit from professional networking sessions with fellow Rotarians, visit projects completed in Lebanon and meet locally twinned clubs and other clubs.

– Foster Friendships by strengthening the bond between local Rotarians and the larger Rotarian community. 

United by the love of Lebanon, what better time and setting for Rotarians and friends to meet and share old experiences while creating new ones! 

Visit www.togetherinlebanon.org now and register your name so that you may start receiving new updated information gradually as it becomes available. 

This is all for Lebanon, so I am sure that you will help in as much as you can.

I am attaching material pertaining to the event to ask you to spread the word and to write about the event before and after it happens.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to interview the person responsible for this event, please contact

Mr. Ron Farra on the following addresses:[email protected]

Yours in Rotary.

Rotary Together in Lebanon 2015 Committee Chair
155 Mkalles Main Street, Mkalles (Metn)
P.O.Box 300, Mansourieh (Metn)
Tel: +961 1 687000 / Fax: +961 1 682888


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