To Gibran lovers worldwide, from Lebanese Independent journalist and Author Joumana BouFakhereddine

The Anthem of Humanity~

~You were dead, and He revived you; then He will cause you to die, and He will revive you; then unto Him shall ye return~

The Qur`an 2:26

I have existed  from all eternity 
and behold  I am here,  
and I shall exist  till the end of time 
for my being  has no end.

I soared into limitless space  
and took wing in the imaginal  world,  
approaching  the circle  of exalted light;  
and here I am now  mired in matter.

I listened to the teachings of Confucius,
 imbibed the wisdom  of Brahma,  
and sat  beside Buddha  
beneath  the tree of insight.   
And now  I am here, 
wrestling  with ignorance  and unbelief. 

                                   I was on Sinai  when Yahweh shed  
                                          His effulgence  on Moses,  
                                                  at the River Jordon 
                                   I witnessed  the miracle  of the Nazarene;  

To Gibran lovers worldwide,

I am a Lebanese Independent journalist doing a tailor made book for Gibran Khalil Gibran and trying to do an initiative as coin within Lebanese currency for Gibran for 120th anniversary.

Kindly if any Artist like to contribute with original painting/ Caricature, or a scholar likes to share his vision what to cover in Gibran, or Any person who lives outside Lebanon can contribute in these given information please don’t hesitate to contact me

  • Information needed
    Monument statue of Gibran
    Website of Artist/ other contact details
  • Any Academic institution/ Museum named after Gibran

Type of institution

  • Any known celebrity is inspired by Gibran?  Or  Notable figures

Name of scholar/ celebrity
How can you demonstrate his inspiration via slogan? Other

  • Kindly contact me on this email

[email protected]

add me via LinkedIn

Joumana BouFakhereddine
journalist and Author


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