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The Story of the lebanese French adventurer, Antoine Aoun, a paraplegic in a wheelchair

       The Story of the lebanese French adventurer, Antoine Aoun

   After spending 18 years at the head of FIB (Silkscreen, gifts and promotional items), I sold it in 2007 to devote myself to what I was doing- fifteen minutes at a time – in the past decade, namely conferences on motivation.

           Indeed, I am adventurer. My particular sign is that I am a paraplegic in a wheelchair following a war injury in Lebanon (I was born in Lebanon).

Very active, I love life, sports and adventure.

 I have crossed  a few different continents with my different bikes, due to the strength of my arms, a distance close to 25,000 Kms.

   On my way, I try to share with others my sense of combativeness and explain that life does not end with a detail (the word can shock). My motto “Living my dreams and not dreaming my life.”

 For me, the solution to disability was above all to affirm my existence and do not give up. I assume that I do not necessarily have a choice in the moment and that I probably would choose in time.

Today I am at the head of “Phoenicia Communication” where I coach professionals and individuals. I also as a speaker continues to give seminars about access motivational and acceptance of change.

          I also wrote a book about human potential through my course with the title :
 “My Life In 3D”                                                              ma vie en 3D antoine aoun
To find it, log on to my website

My Adventures:

In 1984, following a project Scouts of France, including myself, we have managed to develop a special Tandem for paraplegic. We have come with this new bike, which was unlike any other, nearly 700 km in the central massif. Following this little challenge I discovered that the adventure is part of me. And since the projects and courses have increased.

Mediterranean crossing by canoe in 2012

Tour Australia in 2009

Around Europe in 2000

Caen – Beirut 1997

Parachute jumps in 1994 and 2010

Caen North Cape 1992

Crossing USA 1990

Caen – Montpellier 1989

Tour de France 1987

Saint Lo – Bordeaux 1986

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