The House of the Lebanese emigrant, a tourism project in one of the oldest areas of Batroun: Restoration and exploitation by the Lebanese Diaspora for 20 years

“The House of the Lebanese emigrant” is a former district of Batroun, which includes old houses and antiques from the ancient city of Batroun.


The state had got hold of that neighborhood for fourteen years without developing any tourism project to develop and exploit which prompted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates to agree with the owners of old houses on the launch a large tourist project that revives the town of Batroun and his entourage.


This project should serve the Lebanese economy and the area is available to the Municipality of Batroun loaded to exploit and make the necessary restoration for 20 years to open restaurants, hotels and cafes.


The head of the Municipality of Batroun, Marcellino El-Hark, told the National News Agency that the project was of prime importance and it brought together about ten countries in the same region.


“This project establishes a link between the Lebanese expatriate and his native country. Therefore, the emigrant feels as a Lebanese citizen despite its presence abroad,” added the head of the Municipality of Batroun.


“This kind of project is of great cultural significance through the festivals, forums and the participation of other countries to boost cultural exchange, not to mention the exchange of several tourism projects which revives the economy of Batroun and Lebanon, “said Mr. El-Hark.


Mr. El-Hark, revealed that several diasporas bought homes and started to restore, such as the Russian diaspora, American, Mexican, Australian, Brazilian and the United Arab Emirates.


He also noted that among  ten houses, six are at the disposal of the Lebanese Diaspora, stating that “in a year we can name the countries participating in this project.”


“Coffee of the Lebanese emigrant, is a coffee shop that will be open in the old quarter, not to mention the opening of an information office and the emigrant Lebanese museum whose  foreign minister, Gibran Bassil, put the foundation stone last week, “said Mr. El-Hark.


Lebanese Expatriate, who participated in the Energy Diaspora meeting, conducted a tour of the market and the old districts of Batroun. They expressed their joy of feeling for the launch of such a project that has revived their Lebanese origin after a long journey in foreign countries.


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