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“Haida Loubnan” … Zaarour gathers the Lebanese cities in a historical project.

To relive the history and Lebanese heritage, it’s enough to drive 30 minutes to get to Zaarour. A city suspended between heaven and earth where you feel in paradise in the company of Phoenician, Cadmus delighted and discoveries and fascinated by mathematics of Pythagoras. You will learn public speaking and logic with Libanus, thou shalt observe the Egyptian port of Tyre, the ruins of Assyrian and Persian in Nahr El-Kalb and what remains of the Crusades in Jbeil. And good … voila our little Lebanon.
Haida lebnen zaarour
“Here Lebanon” (Haida Loubnan) is a typical Lebanese town on one of the hills of Zaarour and extends on a rocky plateau which exposes the sea on one hand, and Mount Sannine, Metn and Kesrouan on the other hand.

This project contains several spaces that symbolize the history and map of Lebanon, which includes 1,622 cities. A slab was brought from every city and placed on the map Lebanon to form a mosaic. The tiles are bright and each city shines when one of the locals visit the card, and receives a certificate as a souvenir of this typical town, and why not? Every Lebanese city has its history and charm.

Our correspondent met with the project director, Fadi Bou Dagher, who passionately explained his long-awaited project and considers that “this city offers visitors the opportunity to discover Lebanon and its civilizations.”

“The city contains the cedars of Pope Benedict, blessed by the bishop during his Mass during his visit to Lebanon in 2012. In addition, visitors can enjoy the green grass and the town square which can hold 1,800 people. ” he added.

Children also have their share in this project, the city contains a Euro-Austrian court, a space dedicated to board games and a site that shows the distance between Lebanon and the countries of America, Europe and Australia.

Mr. Abu Dagher said a Wifi connection is installed on the site and an application has been created on the history and content of the exhibition.

As for planned events, Abu Dagher has announced an “Austrian day next week in the presence of the ambassador and the Austrian diaspora”.
Also, Miss World 2015 and Miss Top Model will attend next Thursday evening. A Cypriot day will be organized on June 11 in the presence of the ambassador of Cyprus, and June 15, an Australian Day in the presence of the Australian diaspora.

“We will distribute publications to all Lebanese to market Lebanon and to give all Lebanese a chance to learn more about their country.

“Haida Loubnan” is a typical town of the cultural heritage that represents, in detail, civilization and geography of Lebanon.

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