Nafi after she was beaten up by the manager the first time (Myra Abdallah/NOW)

The British Columbia Council of the WLCU unveiled two commemorative benches in Queen Elizabeth Park ( Vancouver) on Sunday, June 7th, 2015

The World Lebanese Cultural Union BC Council unveiled two commemorative benches in Queen Elizabeth Park on Sunday, June 7th, 2015

In honour of LCS of BC Past President, Mr. ShawQi Rashed as well as CLCA-Victoria Past President Mr Najib Asfar, the Lebanese Canadian Society of BC (WLCU-Vancouver Chapter), Hosted a special event in Vancouver on Sunday, June 7th, 2015 at Queen Elizabeth Park dedicated to their memory.
Photo of Shawqi Bench

The unveiling ceremony was attended by a delegation from the CLCA (WLCU-Victoria chapter) and more than 100 guests who were there to share this special moment with the Past-Presidents’ families and to honor two great men who dedicated their lives to the service of their community.

LCS President Mrs. Carla Zarifeh and WLCU-BC council President Dr. Nick Kahwaji started the ceremony with opening speeches talking about each of the Past Presidents journey in Canada and their roles within their Chapters.  Mr. Asfar’s bench was unveiled first followed by personal speeches from his sons, Jean Pierre Asfar and Sacha Asfar, discussing his passion and love to his community and how proud he has always been to be Lebanese. Then Mr. Rashed’s bench was unveiled followed by a touching speech from his spouse Annelise. Both families were very grateful to the WLCU and the LSC for organizing such an honoring event.
 Mr Georges Murr (WLCU World VP) expressed his satisfaction about this highly organized event.

After the speeches, the guests had the chance to take few pictures with the families and the benches which are located across from the Cedar tree.

The unveiling ceremony was followed by a cocktail reception across the street at 4925 Cambie Street. During the reception, two PowerPoint presentations were shared with the guests each showing an awesome collection of pictures displaying some of the great work the two Past Presidents did in their community over the years and the friendships their built through the years.

    The event ended with cutting a cake celebrating the Lebanese Canadian Society of BC’s 50th Anniversary and capturing the moment with some pictures.

 Michele Abisaad,                                                                                                              Secretary WLCU-BC council


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