WLCU DPI-United Nations Representatives attended a briefing celebrating World Press Freedom Day.

Friday, 1 May 2015, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
On Friday, 1 May 2015 WLCU DPI-United Nations Representative’s Sid Chidiac and Anttoinete Atie joined WLCU DPI-United Nations Youth Representatives Rima Cario and Grace Shamoun in a briefing celebrating World Press Freedom Day.

The UN General Assembly declared May 3rd as World Press Freedom Day in 1993 following a recommendation adopted at the twenty-sixth session of UNESCO’s General Conference in 1991. It serves to inform the public of the violations of press freedom; a reminder that several countries around the world publications, online ,and social media are censored, fined, suspended , and closed down while journalists, editors and publishers are harassed, attacked and murdered. It serves as a day to reflect, encourage, and develop initiatives in favor of press freedom.

Opening remarks conducted by Susan Malcorra, Chef de Cabinet of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who delivered the message of the Secretary General. She emphasized the killings of 61 journalists over the past year as well as the need of necessary commitment to the safety and freedom of journalists to “open a window of hope”.
H.E. Sam Kahamba Kutesa, President, United Nations General Assembly, H.E. Kaha Imnadze, Permanent Representative of Georgia to the UN and Chairperson of the General Assembly Committee on Information participated on the opening panel as well.
George Papagiannis, Representative, UNESCO New York Liaison Office emphasized the rights of women in the world of journalism and women’s issues around the world,” Women’s issues is lagging in the media.” In a male dominated media industry women subjects and issues have been placed separately and not on the same level as males.
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WLCU DPI-United Nations Representatives attended a briefing celebrating World Press Freedom Day.

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