WLCU 2011 Youth report from Argentina: New elected board of the JUCAL ( The Youth of the Lebanese Argentinian Cultural Union )

The Board of the National Committee for the Youth of the Lebanese Argentinian Cultural Union was renewed

The annual meeting of the National Committee for the Youth of the Lebanese Argentinian Cultural was conducted during March 12th  and 13th  in Mar del Plata in 2011. However this was no ordinary meeting, as we also had the election to renew the Board of Directors for the National Committee.

With the presence of the affiliates from Cordoba (Alejandra Chahin), Rosario (Wanda García), Posadas (Hadiz Alí), Buenos Aires (Elías Gattar), Dolores (Juan Alem) Madariaga (Lucas Flores), Mar Del Plata (Juan José Azar) and Tucumám (Ezequiel Moussallem) several issues of the previous management were debated and new commitments were drafted.

After a long afternoon the elections where conducted. Most of the affiliates present agreed with the project and list of candidates presented by Mr. Dimas Chantiri (Rosario), who ran for president of the National Committee and was later given the command by outgoing president Elias Gattar.

Mr. Chantiri thanked the support received during the latest months and highlighted the considerable amount of young people present at the election who had come from all over the country. On the other hand the new work plan was presented for the upcoming period.

The second day of the meeting began with a business breakfast which stretched until midnight with more than 16 hours non-stop in which many ideas and projects were proposed on behalf of each affiliate. Future activities to be conducted at all leves local and national were defined.

Two intense days filled of enriching debate and team work, not only proved that the Lebanese Argentinian Cultural Union Youth is very strong but full of enthusiasm to keep on growing and building a bright future.


List of the new  board for the National Committee of the Lebanese Argentinian Cultural Union for Youth

Board of Directors

President: Dimas Chantiri (affiliate Rosario)

Vicepresident 1º: Lucas Flores (affiliate Madariaga)

Vicepresident 2º: Samia Abait (affiliate Bs As)

Secretary: Vanina Palomo (affiliate Bs As)

Pro Secretary: Jimena Carpinetti Azar (affiliate Mar del Plata)

Treasurer: Munir Nellmendin

Pro Treasurer: Filial Tucumán (to be confirmed)

Vocal 1º: Exequiel Mousallem (affiliate Tucuman)

Vocal 2º: Florencia Saadi (affiliate Córdoba)

Vocal 3º: Filial Mendoza (nombre a Confirmar)

Vocal 4º: Juan Ignacio Alem (Filial Dolores)

Body Control

Valeria Ganim (Rosario)

Horacio Gandur (Tucuman)

Natalia Neme (Bs As)

Regional Delegates

North: Alberto Bestani (Tucumán)

Centre: Diego Aboujahjah (Rosario)

Metropolitan: Patricio Abdala (Bs As)

Atlántic: Juan José Azar (Mar del Plata)

International Representative: Juan Saliba

Working Committees

Social Welfare: Wanda García (Rosario)

Press: Laura Nievas (Bs As)

Education y Culture. Said Chaya (Rosario).
Check the original documents and photos of the meeting:
The Board of the National Committee for the Youth of the Lebanese Argentinian Cultural Union was renewed

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