Learn more about the Lebanese American author Nancy Chedid,a physician from Harvard Medical School, and a musician (Boston Symphony Orchestra), and environmental activist.

Lebanese-Dominican Teacher FARIDA DINA, Founder of STUDIO DINA d’ EDUCATION MUSICALE.

Member of the Latin American Association Conservatories and music schools

Frida Dina


Graduate Professor of Piano, was a student of pianists Manuel Rueda in Santo Domingo and Santos Ojeda in New York. She started as a teacher at the Elementary School of Music where she worked for four years.

Since 1983  founded and directs the Estudio Diná de Educación Musical most prestigious private music school in the country.   Member of the Latin American Association of Conservatoires and Schools of Music (ALCEM) and the International Society for Music Educators (ISME).   Has three venues: Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo-Oriental and Santiago de los Caballeros where hosting a student around population of 600 pupils with a teaching staff of 70 teachers.

Since 1989 his students have won prizes in national and international music competitions such as:

The Dominican Academy of music competitions,

The Carol Morgan school competitions,

Latin American Piano competition

National competitions of Piano students

Interpretation contests

Contest Luis A. Ferré in Puerto Rico,

Community College in Las Vegas, Nevada,

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Venezuela, contest

Concerts contests at Luther College in Iowa,

Wood winds competitions,

Competition for Piano and strings in Santiago de los Caballeros and

Classical guitar festivals

Music reading Olympics

Since 1989 organizes Encuentro de Coros Juveniles and the workshops for directors and Coralistas that has culminated every one of them. From the year 2000 they held biannual form.

It is responsible for from 1999 until 2001 the Concurso Nacional de Guitarra level elementary classical guitar and the 2002 to date co-organizer and sponsor of the Concurso de Guitarra Clasica for all levels

Organized since 2004 of the Concurso de Piano, Canto y Cuerdas del Cibao, and cosponsors  since 2007 the Master Classes by  teachers from Berklee College of Music in our country. Also the the Concurso  Ibero-American  Para Jovenes Pianistas, first international piano competition the country

Was a co-organizer of two National competitions of Piano students next to the elementary school of music; of the First Olympics of music reading and Sonatinas, together with the National Conservatory.

Estudio Diná  has promoted and taught courses and workshops of importance as the workshop of Methodology in the teaching of music (1993), the First workshop of practice orchestral(1995), workshop of early stimulation in the Centro León de Santiago, Symposium on the choral movement in the Dominican Republic (2003), organized by the Global Foundation for democracy and development, which was responsible for the paper “Festival coral organized by the private sector experience”, Workshops for students of Violin and Violoncello (2005) and the workshops on Music appreciation and the benefits of the study of taught music at the school of fine arts of Santiago in 2007

Mrs. Diná has served as a juror in various choral festivals and exams of piano’s end-of-cycle elementary and middle of the Institute of culture and art of Santiago

She attended representing the Dominican Republic Festival of choirs of Curaçao in 1996.

She is an active member of the Federation of Central America and the Caribbean, Member of the Dominican music Council ., Secretary of the Culture Council for curriculum reform and Vice President of the Foundation of the Youth Symphony Orchestras and the Foundation for the music. From March 2011 is Director of the chapter of the Caribbean of the Latin American Association of conservatories and schools of music (ALCEM)

In August of the 2004 was appointed as CEO of the national orchestras system children’s and youth orchestras for the purpose of preparing the relaunch of the same. She held this function until August 2005.

In 2010 he created  Fundacion Estudio Diná por el Arte (DINARTE) as a way to continue promoting and expanding scholarships for music education.

Honors and awards:

Inter-American Institute for Musical Education (outside)

Organization of American States (OAS) 1993

Elementary music school Elila Mena 1995

Foundation of the State for Orchestra

Nacional Juvenil de Venezuela

National Council of culture of Venezuela 1995

General Directorate of fine arts 1995

Elementary music school Elila Mena 1995

Foundation of the State for Orchestra

Nacional Juvenil de Venezuela

National Council of culture of Venezuela 1995

General Directorate of fine arts 1995

College Ergos 1996

National system of symphony orchestras

Children and youth-1997

Parents and students o Estudio Dina 1999

Secretary of State for education

Department of art education 2000

Choral Federation Dominicana 2000

Latin American Federation of music educators

of Mexico NINOVISTA 2001

Fundación Global democracy and development 2003

Berklee College of Music and

Secretary of State of culture 2006

Estudio Dina 2008

Campus Santiago

“Cultural personalities” award 2007

awarded by the

Culture Ministery

Award “Merit Medal” 2008

awarded by the

President of Dominican Republic

Bizz Award 2008

Great Dominicans volume XIII 2009

Carlos T. Martinez

Man woman of the year 2009

Omnimedia (10 finalists)


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