Second International Symposium of the LATIN AMERICAN CENTER FOR LEBANESE STUDIES – CLEIBAL in Bogota, Colombia.

The LATIN AMERICAN CENTER FOR LEBANESE STUDIES – CLEIBAL organized is Second International Symposium in Bogota, Colombia on March 13th, 2015 in coordination with the Hispanic and Caribbean Council of the World Lebanese Cultural Union during its semi-annual meeting.

The event took place in one of the auditoriums of the Universidad de Los Andes, one of the most prestigious learning centers in Colombia, which was over flown in its capacity due to the high level of interests the lectures generated among students, faculty, media, diplomats, and members of the community.

The subject: The Syrian crisis and its effects on Lebanon, was approached by a team of specialists with vast experience and knowledge on the different aspects of the problem. Dr. Sergio Jalil, Executive Director of CELIBAL, spoke about the historical relations between Syria and Lebanon, he was followed by Dr. Rafael Rosell Aiquel, President of the Universidad Central of Chile, who lectured on origins and evolution of the crisis in Syria. The third speaker was, Dr. Alfredo Aljure, Dean of The Jurisprudence School of the Universidad de Rosario (Colombia), who covered the internationalization of the conflict in Syria and the regional situation. Then the internationally renowned journalist and war reporter, Karen Maron, spoke about the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the grave threat this represents to Lebanon’s economic, social, political and security situation. The last lecturer was Professor Nadim Shehadi who is currently the Director of the Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies at the Fletcher School of Diplomacy at Tufts University in Boston (USA) and a fellow at the prestigious Chatham House of London (UK).  Dr. Shehadi talked about the different possibilities for the future of Syria and the effects they could have on Lebanon and the region.

At the end of the speeches, the audience engaged in a prolonged session of questions and answers that lengthily exceeded the allotted time, showing the high interest the lectures generated.

Celibal, after its introductory First symposium in Costa Rica in 2013 about the Lebanese Identity and after having roamed the Latin American continent lecturing, and speaking in 6 different countries and 15 different cities in more than 20 different events in less than two years, has reaffirmed itself with the resounding success of its second international symposium, and earned the respect and recognition as the “Lebanese Think Tank of Latin America”, not only among the members of the Lebanese emigration but also within the academic community of the whole region. Celibal’s growth and influence has also been highlighted by the joining of three new prestigious members: Ms Samira Helo (Colombia) Ms. Karen Maron (Argentina) and Mr. Nadim Shehadi (UK / USA) whom will add their talent and knowledge to the team which includes: Daniel Asade (Argentina), Jose Anuar Kuri (Mexico), Rafael Rosell Aiquel (Chile), Juan Jose Nassar (Costa Rica) and Sergio Jalil (Argentina/ USA) 

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