International Press Interview with the famous lebanese Artist Bernard Renno

International Press Interview with the famous lebanese Artist Bernard Renno.

International  Press  Interview with the Artist Bernard Renno


  1. For the beginning, I would like to know your history, how was your first contact with art? How and why did you decided to be an artist?



Since birth I grew up in an artistic family, my father Assaad Renno was a famous artist; I got my talent through my genes. Drawing and painting were as a game in my childhood, as I grew up my talent developed more and more; at the age of 9 I entered the Fabriano completion in Lebanon and I won the first price. This encouraged me more to continue drawing and improve my talent. Moreover, my parents as well as my teachers always stood by my side and cheered me to draw more, my father used to take me to help him draw on churches’ murals and to gain experience. Furthermore, at the age of 11 I prepared for my own exhibition held in our Academy “Michael Angelo” Sodeco square.  This exhibition was successful since most of the press release wrote about it and titled it under “The youngest child who achieved to prepare his own art exhibition”.  As a result of this, I felt that I am a true young artist. Since then I studied architecture at Kaslik University, interior architecture and fine arts at the same time at Michael Angelo Academy. After I gained these entire certificates I decided to get enrolled in arts so I started teaching various branches in art at our academy. I kept on teaching from 1985 till 2003 were I chose to be an artist and introduce my art to the world.


  1. I’d like to know what do you think about “war”, “peace”, “religion”, “ecology” and “climate change”


War: As an artist I refuse war, fire and weapons. Also as I am a Lebanese artist I lived in war and I hated it, war had an influence on me as an artist since all my artworks reflected totally the opposite.

Peace:  I love peace and I hope that we reach peace worldwide. As I am the Cultural Advisor of the Republic of Lativia I admire how they live in peace in their country and I wish that someday the Lebanese would live in peace.

Religion: I respect and don’t differentiate between religions worldwide ; however, I never forget that I am Christian maronite.

Ecology: I respect science and biology but I have an artistic mind.

Climate Change:  As a Lebanese artist I live through 4 seasons yearly (winter, spring, summer and fall) were I can see how nature changes from one season to another and can then express these beautiful colorful landscapes in my artworks.  


  1. What or which are the influences in your work?

The influences are: “Nature, woman in general, Religion”


  1. Explain your art, what are you sharing with the world through your pieces? What is the element you want to be appreciated for in your pieces?



Throughout my artistic life I have passed through different phases in art. I started with the oriental art that is showing people the eastern cultures and traditions. Then I moved to the surreal art to express the futuristic life, life after death, philosophical strategies and creativity. Further, I started working with three dimensional artworks using mixed media (airbrush, acrylic, white glue…) I wanted to relate my architectural techniques in art showing people that I am not only an artist I am a sculpture who can work with any form and transform it in a three dimensional way. Nowadays after 5500 painting, 180 live shows and several exhibitions worldwide the last phase, is mixing all these arts and creating my own school of art known as “Brenoism” to share my own identity with the word that could be then taught to several generations with time.


  1. Share with us “Vestiges D’orient, atelier d’art”. Which is the objective? How many people have been around it?


Vestige D’orient is a private atelier that has taught more than 500 students who became artists.  The main objective of Vestiges D’orient is to organize symposiums and exhibitions with young artists in Lebanon and abroad(Lativia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, France, Egypt..) to share and cultivate people with art paintings and to organize live show events in several cities(Universities, Municipalities..).


  1. Anyone can be in there? What are the requirements to be part of it?


Yes, off course any one is more than welcome in Vestiges D’orient it’s a place where one can express himself/herself in any art type he/she wish for. The only requirement to be a part of Vestiges D’orient is one’s own talent and his/her appreciation for art with no politics nor religious perspectives. Any person who wants to be a member in Vestiges D’orient can just add himself/herself on my facebook account (Bernard Renno Artist II)


  1. Do you think art could be the way to consolidate and recognize the mankind?

Yes, sure art is the civilization of each country; each country has its own art type.


  1. What satisfactions have you reached through art besides academic awards and recognition?

    I never reach satisfaction in art I always search for more, I always pursuit for the highest peak. I am for having my own style in art that would be famous worldwide.

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    Learn more about Bernard Renno:

Artist-Painter /Architect

Cultural Advisor of General Consulate of the Republic of Latvia to Lebanon (

Founder of “Vestiges D’Orient Atelier D’Art”

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