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EU Project Steering Committee Meets in Tunis

Representatives of the different partnering organizations of the EU funded project ‘DAEDALUS’ got together over two days in Tunis for the second Steering Committee meeting to address the various work plans and their outcomes.

The event was hosted by the Tunisian partner ‘Ali Belhouanne Culturel Club – CCAB’ and was intended to present the first year’s achievements as well as to discuss the different milestones that constitute the second part of the project.

During the first day, the participants discussed a series of topics in relation to the Deliverables, the Communication Plan and the Pilot Sites Operations whereas the second day was dedicated to the Evaluation and the Fine Tuning Process.

‘DAEDALUS’ project addresses the needs of young residents seeking employment in the labor markets of the Mediterranean Sea Basin. It contributes in enhancing their career and business opportunities by matching the qualifications and skills they have with the existing needs in the neighboring countries.

The two year project is led by the Greek IT Company Uni-Systems in partnership with LDN (Lebanon), COSPE (Italy), UPRC (Greece), EMRBI (Cyprus), CCAB (Tunis), Juhoud (Palestine), UCAS (Palestine) and the Municipality of Siena (Italy). 
EU Project Steering Committee Meets in Tunis3

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