Trains in Lebanon Again? The Diaspora invited to support the Lebanese NGO “Train Train”

Norman Nahas

The Lebanese Diaspora Village is a touristic and cultural project that includes the restoration of 12 ancient houses surrounding a central courtyard, cafe, museum and hotel.

It will serve as a place of gathering for both emigrants and locals, while helping to foster a deeper connection to Lebanon and also promote trade and tourism.

This development is currently being constructed within the ancient town of Batroun, Lebanon and is part of the vision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, H.E. Minister Gebran Bassil to facilitate bonds amongst other Lebanese throughout the world.

Each of the ancient houses will represent a different region around the world where Lebanese emigrants have located and influenced over time, including Canada, USA, UAE, Mexico, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Africa, Australia and Russia.

On May 7 2016, the Russian Home was officially opened and a ceremony was held to celebrate the occasion, as well as the ties between Lebanon and Russia. The pictures below show the look of the finished structure. The next step will be to provide content about Russia, as well as the Lebanese within it.

The Canadian Home, located above the cafe, consists of two rooms (27m2 and 61m2) and is first building when you enter the Lebanese Diaspora Village. Construction has started and can be seen in the images below.

The goal is for Lebanese Canadians to showcase their achievements as an integrated community, with positive impact on the fabric of what makes Canada great. It will also offer the Lebanese people a glimpse at where their ancestors and relatives have emigrated to and what they have accomplished.

Through electronic displays, interpretive panels and exhibits, the Canadian House will showcase the impact that the Lebanese have had on Canadian politics, arts, education, health, economy and of course cuisine.

This is an opportunity to create a landmark tourist destination that will help to tell the story of the Lebanese communities in Canada for the years to come, but also act as a gathering place for Canadians when in Lebanon during Canadian festivities, such as Canada Day or the Olympics.

We have established contacts with many Lebanese in different provinces and are creating a national committee to obtain content and support from coast to coast, so that the Canadian House represents the Lebanese throughout Canada.

Current representatives for the committee are:

Eastern Canada: Honorary Council of Lebanon for the Maritime Provinces, Mr. Wadih Fares and Mr. Norman Nahas.

British Columbia: Dr. Nick Kahwaji.

Ontario: Mr. Marlon Oneid.


If you wish to obtain any further information or assist with the Canadian House, please contact.

Norman Nahas B.Sc., P.Eng.

Lebanese Chamber of Commerce in Nova Scotia


[email protected] 

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