People walk on March 12, 2013 past a poster bearing the portraits of Ivory Coast President Alassane Outtara (R) and his Lebanese counterpart Michel Sleiman on the Republic Square in Abidjan. AFP/Sia Kambou

United Nations Disability Day: WLCU participated and sponsored the UN disability day in Burnaby,BC

United Nations Disability Day: WLCU participated and sponsored the UN disability day in Burnaby,BC

Dec 3rd is the international day for the People with Disabilities as per the United Nations Calendar.

The City of Burnaby prepared an event at the Burnaby Public Library on Dec 10/2014

Multiple events happen cross the planet to create more awareness for the society mainly for the PWD (People With Disabilities) and the TAB people (Temporarily Abled Body) to ensure that:

  1. The disability can be visible and invisible
  2. PWD people have the rights as anyone else
  3. PWD people have also different abilities
  4. It is a joint responsibility of both PWD and TAB to change the mindset 

In British Columbia / Canada, on Dec 10th the city of Burnaby conducted an awareness event organized and presented by Rebekah from the City and Nicolas Haddad that was proudly sponsored by the World Lebanese Cultural Union in British Columbia.

WlCU BC delegation: from left to right :Dr Fadi Tarazi, Caroline hayek, Nicolas Haddad,
Dr Nick Kahwaji, Therese Zammar, Nicolas Zammar, Carlo Rahal.

The event was about showing the movie “BlindSight” that is a documentary of how blind kids were able to climb the mountain inspired by a blind young man and lady.

City of Burnaby personnel with Nicolas Haddad. 
Also a presentation held by Nicolas about disability awareness highlighting that a physically disabled person is like any other one who has different abilities.


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