Minister Jihad Azour lettre to Dr Nick Kahwaji (DWSG of WLCU)

Minister Jihad Azour lettre to Dr Nick Kahwaji (DWSG of WLCU) 

Wed 07/06/2006 4:43 AM

From: Jihad Azour [email protected]

To:  [email protected]

TechLEB 06


Dear Nicholas Kahwaji,


I am writing to thank you for participating in the recent TECHLEB 06 at MIT.  I really regretted not being able to participate in this interesting forum, but my colleagues briefed me on the level of enthusiasm and commitment they witnessed.  The conference proved once again that the Lebanese Diaspora still has the initiative and energy to provide a much needed push for the local knowledge economy.


You would be glad to know that the conference positive energy reverberated very well in Beirut.  During a press conference held in the Grand Serail last Friday, June 2, Premiere Fouad Siniora announced the Government of Lebanon’s intent to launch the TECHLEB initiative.  This initiative aims at capitalizing on the positive energy and initiative of the Lebanese Diaspora and friends in the world to develop the sector of technology in Lebanon.  A coordination office is being set up at the level of the Prime Minister’s Office to follow up on the incentives and impediments to developing this crucial sector. For more information on this effort, I have attached a selected piece from the local media coverage of the press conference.


I would like to thank you again for your role in making the conference a success.  I hope to count on your continued interest and dedication as we work together towards the goal of making Lebanon a player—and a major one—in today’s knowledge economy.




Jihad Azour

Minister of Finance 

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