Lebanese independence day in Toronto: The speech of WLCU Toronto President Ms Leila Hajj


Lebanese independence day in Toronto:

The speech of WLCU Toronto President Ms Leila Hajj
The World Lebanese Cultural Union, Toronto Chapter, would like to extend their warmest greetings to everyone present here today at our annual “Raising of the Flag” ceremony on the occasion of Lebanon’s Independence Day.

Lebanon played a key role in the world’s heritage. The famed Phoenicians of modern day Lebanon brought the first phonetic alphabet to the world, transplanting it to the ancient Greeks as the first sailors in world history. Once knows as a roman cultural hub as part of the Roman Empire. Lebanon is famed for holding the first Roman law schools in the region. It is also part of the Holy land, encompassing Christianity and Islam. This is exemplified by the Bible’s recounting of a long standing relationship between the King of Tyre and King Solomon, leading to the building of King Solomon’s temple with Lebanon’s famed cedars.

Lebanon’s Independence Day is a meaningful and joyous event celebrated by Lebanese, spread all over the world and of course in Lebanon. Lebanon is now, and has been struggling to keep it’s independence from all external powers which we can only overcome if we stand united Christians, Druze and Moslems of the country. On this occasion, I would like to pay tribute and to honor and support our Lebanese army who are sacrificing their lives in order to maintain a fragile peace and to protect our borders from surrounding dangers. Today more than ever our country needs us and is counting on our faith in our homeland and our love for freedom, let’s not let Lebanon down.

Our Lebanese community is well established and integrated into the Canadian society and has been recognized for its contribution and dedication in all aspects of life whether political, economic, social and cultural. As Lebanese-Canadians we cherish and respect the diverse society of Canada, and we thank Canada for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality and peace of mind and in retrospect we commend the Lebanese-Canadian people who excelled in their entrepreneurial businesses and who contributed to the success and prosperity of Canada.


Thank you all for sharing this memorable day with us, May God Bless you.


Leila Hajj- President

WLCU (Toronto Chapter)

November 22, 2014 


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Lebanese independence day in Toronto

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