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A new Lebanese stamp commemorating one of the greatest thinkers of Lebanon:Kamal Youssef El-Hage.

Kamal Youssef El-Hage was a pioneering philosopher who paid his life in defense of Lebanon.

Killed by an ax in his native village of Chbaniyé April 2, 1976, Kamal el-Hage was the head of the department of philosophy at the Faculty of Arts at the Lebanese University. Bergson training, engaged philosopher and champion of Lebanese consensus formula and the idea of Christian-Muslim encounter as expressing be Lebanese – the naslamiyya –

 Hage led a struggle throughout his academic career successfully for include “Lebanese philosophy” as a discipline in faculty program.  Author notably among several philosophical essays, an extraordinary and voluminous Summary of Lebanese philosophy shortly before his assassination, the professor announced in this book written in haste in pressing concern threats and growing, the foundation of the “Lebanese nationalism” in line with the pan-Syrian nationalism of Antoun Saadeh and Arab nationalism Amin el-Rihani. The authors of the assassination have never been exposed, but the family of the deceased has always focused on two tracks more or less converging: the Gaddafi regime,  

The works and thought of Kamal el-Hage will, Syrian forces censorship, fall into oblivion after 1990 … until his son Dr. Youssef Kamal El Hage  finally decided to launch the aftermath of the Beirut Spring, a major project to reissue works of the philosopher.
 kamal youssef el hage

 A few days ago a stamp was issued, commemorating his father most accomplished work—the Lebanese Philosophy.

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