Lettre to Nadine labaki from the WLCU Secretary General and Chairman of Heritage and Cultural affairs( Oct 2011).

Lettre to Nadine labaki from the WLCU Secretary General and Chairman of Heritage and Cultural affairs.

Dear Ms Labaki

Please allow me first to congratulate you on your latest movie “Were Do We Go Now” that won the audience award in Toronto and hopefully more awards to be won in the near future.


My name is Antoine Ghanem, I am the chairman of the Culture & Heritage Affairs committee in the World Lebanese Cultural Union (associated with the DPI in the United Nations), and I am writing to ask your permission to screen the movie “Where Do We Go Now” in the UN for one single time.


The Secretary General of the WLCU Dr. Nick Kahwaji and Miss Samar Nader (founder of the UNAL  – UN  Arab ladies club) have already secured a permission to use the UN theatre and we are looking at around mid February 2012 for screening.


The event shall be under the patronage of the Lebanese Ambassador to the UN, and a special invitation will be sent to the Lebanese Culture Minister Mr. Gabi Layoun.


The audience will be mainly diplomats and correspondents for international news agencies who will be summoned by personal invitation only, no charge involved as the WLCU will cover all expenses for the event that will include a cocktail reception after the screening.


We plan to invite you to the screening of the film, and we plan to present you an award to honour your presence and your achievement.


The mission of the Culture and Heritage Affairs Committee of the WLCU is to promote Lebanese Culture, art and heritage. We hope to be able to show your movie to these diplomats and journalists to shed a light on the Lebanese achievement in the field of cinema in the country of the Cedar.


If you need to get in contact with us please use the following contacts:


Dr. Nick Kahwaji 

tel: +16044619528 (Canada)

Email: [email protected]     [email protected]


Antoine Ghanem

Mobile: +61411690325 (Australia)

Email: [email protected]


I look forward to hearing from you


Best Regards


Antoine Ghanem                                                                               

Chairman culture & Heritage Affairs committee WLCU                   


12 Oct 2011


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