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Fresh. Flavorful. Family. Fun.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisines with the “Queen of Lebanese Cuisine” and rising star of the small screen, Celebrity Chef and Host, Miss Julie Taboulie!  Watch every week as the joyful Julie Taboulie warmly welcomes one and all into a whole new wondrous world of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisines, cultures, and customs colorfully comes through and through like only Julie Taboulie can do!

This EMMY® Nominated, Telly Award Winning and Communicator Award Winning Public Television program is the first, and only, cooking show series solely focusing upon and featuring Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisines airing in the United States.  Proudly co-produced by Julie Taboulie Television and prestigiously presented and distributed by American Public Television on Public Television Stations nationwide and on Create® TV nationwide.

Julie Taboulie is the star Celebrity Chef and Host of this cooking show series and is the Creator, Writer, Producer and Executive Producer.

Cooking with Julie Taboulie is close captioned.

“Cooking with Julie Taboulie” is an inspiring culinary exploration into the wonderful World of Lebanese and Middle Eastern Cuisines. This half hour program is founded upon Julie Taboulie’s four basic fundamentals of life: fresh, flavorful, family and fun, which are the common threads intertwining each episode. The series is produced on location amid the beautiful and breathtaking lakes and landscapes of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, which serve as a stunning and scenic setting for the series. This picturesque backdrop not only sets the visual theme for the program, it also furnishes the fresh food and heart-healthy ingredients that Julie Taboulie gathers in visits to her favorite farms, farmers markets, vineyards and, of course, her “Mama’s Glorious Garden.”

Julie Taboulie draws from her Old World family recipes, preparing and presenting them using tried and true techniques. Along with her essential tips and tricks stemming from her timeless traditions bring the Old World way to the modern day, for all audiences to personally discover and delve into! Julie Taboulie’s warm and welcoming ways in the kitchen lends a vibrant quality to the fresh, flavorful food she shares. Julie’s infectious enthusiasm transcends the screen as a celebration of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, culture and customs!

In each half-hour episode, Julie Taboulie demystifies this seemingly out of reach cuisine while encouraging her audiences to make and, most of all, “master” these distinctive and delicious dishes to palate perfection. She brings her fun-loving way of life, playful personality, preparation precision and passionate points of view of her homelands heart healthy fare to audiences of all ages! Fresh. Flavorful. Family. Fun.

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