How Julie Ann Sageer, a Lebanese American descent from NY, became the famous Julie Tabboulie.

  • Recently, the Lebanese Canadian Society WLCU BC CHAPTER had the opportunity to take part in Surrey Fusion.  It was our great pleasure to be a part of such an event, to build on the success of past years, and to further represent our people through our food and culture.  I would like to thank President Camille Louise and his family,  the LCS Board members and their families, the WLCU BC Youth and  all those who participated in helping with all the preparation, planning, and scheduling required prior to the event, as well as those who were there connecting with the public. There were a great many details that went into making this event such a rousing success, and I am grateful that we have such a supportive and engaged community to represent our country, Lebanon. We had a number of people selling food and sharing information with the public about our country’s culture, geography, tourism, and more!

    Heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this event a such a great celebration of our pride in Lebanon.

    And from the WLCU board members MANY THANKS  to every one

    John Badr

    President  WLCU- British Columbia Council

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