Michael Hamady hosted a family gathering at the Hotel Durant in Flint, Michigan. It was to honor returning WW II veterans from the Hamady family. The party also included several friends of the family who were also veterans. Groceryman by Robert Lee Hamady, Copyright, 2006.

LEBANON at Surrey Fusion Festival (July 19- 20 2014), thanks to the Lebanese Canadian society of BC and the Youth.

ex-Embajador de Líbano en México, DR. JOSEPH NAFFAH, quien lamentablemente acaba de fallecer.

MONUMENTO AL MAESTRO UNIVERSAL, ideado por el ex-Embajador de Líbano en México, DR. JOSEPH NAFFAH
Cadmous the maestro statue
Las huellas de los grandes hombres, persisten siempre vivas por donde pasaron

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