Regional meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.( 11-12 March 2000) Meeting of the North American Regional Committee and Honoring the Singer Wadih Assafi

World Lebanese Cultural Union

Regional meeting   in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.( 11-12 March 2000)


Meeting of the North American Regional Committee and Honoring the Singer Wadih Assafi

The World Lebanese Cultural Union held its North American Regional Committee (USA & Canada) meeting at Las Vegas on the 11th and 12th of March 2000.

The meeting which was called for by the regional president, Mr. Edward Abu Zeid, was attended by representatives of chapters, state and provincial councils of North America (USA and Canada.)

The attendants discussed how to activate the chapters and enhance the systems of the union in order to start a new departure based on institutional work and to ensure the best representation of Lebanese

immigrants in this region.

Among the suggestions was the amendment of the union’s constitution, which amendment will be subjected to voting during the twelfth world conference which will be held during the current year.

The attendants agreed to activate the available media means for spreading the message and objectives of the union among immigrants. Such means as the internet website , and the Lebanese Heritage paper the first issue of which was published last week.

Administration wise, the regional administration committee was reinforced with heads of newly subscribed chapters to the union. This committee will meet at Boston on 16 and 17 June 2000 for electing a new president and executive board for the geographic region.

Education wise, the conference adopted the film of Gibran Khalil Gibran produced by Eliza Haddad and requested the chapters of the union to distribute it among the immigrants of descendent origin.

The conference members benefited of the presence of the Lebanese no 1 singer, Wadi’a Assafi , in a concert at Las Vegas to honor him by offering him a memorial plate in recognition of his artistic talent and his contribution to raising Lebanon’s name high in the Diaspora.

Among the discussed matters was the activation of the organizations of youth and dames descendants of Lebanese origin.

The meeting was attended by the following:

-Assistant Secretary General of the geographic region, Dr. Nicolas Kahwaji.

– Honorary president, Mr. Nimeh Abu Zeid (Boston).

-World financial Secretary General, Mr. Norman Lahage. (New York).

– Assistant Secretary General for Committee’s affairs, Engineer Anis Garabet.

– Dr. Ghassan Butrous (California state council).

 -Naji Doumit (chapter of Orange County).

 -Emile Khater, (chapter of Glandora).

 -Ghassan Abudkarim (Reedland).

 –George Haddad (chapter of Glandel).

– Ibrahim Saad (Oklahoma).

-George Danden (Chicago).

 -Engineer Amin Harb (Florida).

 -Dr. Sam Dagher (Pensylvania).

– Emile Nassar (Ohio).

– Karlo Rahal (British Columbia, Canada).

-George Murr (Victoria, Canada).

– Shawqi Rashed (Vancouver, Canada).

– Engineer Eid Eid (Ottawa, Canada).

They were accompanied by many members of chapters and board members.



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