WLCU- Medical Society, Or World Lebanese Medical Society (WLMS), proposals done by Dr fadi Dagher in June 2010 but never put into effect…

World Lebanese Cultural Union

WLCU- Medical Society


Or World Lebanese Medical Society (WLMS)

Associated with WLCU

Mission Statement

The WLCU Medical Society (WLCU-MS) is a non-profit, non-political, educational and humanitarian organization. Its members are medical professionals of Lebanese descent.

The objectives of WLCU-MS encompass a range of professional, educational, humanitarian and cultural activities.

Professional and Educational

a)    To organize the annual medical meeting both in North America and Lebanon.


b)    To enhance the medical knowledge of the members of WLCU-MS, to contribute to the medical profession, and to support continuing medical education.

c)    To promote and organize professional relationships between WLCU-MS members and medical organizations in North America and Lebanon.

d)    To create friendly relationships among American physicians of Lebanese descent.

e)    To establish an official membership directory and a web page which can serve as a source of references and information.


a)    To encourage and provide medical aid to needy patients of Lebanese descent, and to organize donations of medicine and medical supplies to poor families in North America and Lebanon.


b)    To coordinate donations of routine and emergency medical care in support of those in need in Lebanon.

c)    To provide assistance to medical students and interns of Lebanese descent.

d)    To sponsor speakers, textbooks and other learning materials for needy medical students in Lebanon.

Cultural Enhancement

a)      To strengthen and foster the spirit of loyalty and good citizenship to the country in which members of this Chapter live and take an active interest in the cultural, civic, social, and moral welfare of its communities.

b)      To unite its members in the bonds of friendship and good fellowship, promoting also the ties of mutual friend­ship and understanding among the many countries where WLCU members reside.

c)      To create, foster and strengthen ties of friendship and mutual understanding between all such countries and Leba­non, and to promote interchanges of cultural, social, tourist, and economic activities, between these countries and Lebanon, as well as between peo­ples of Lebanese descent and Lebanon.

d)     To foster Lebanese cultural heritage in countries where WLCU members reside and foster such countries’ cultural heritage amongst each other and in Lebanon.

e)      To work in support of Lebanon’s freedom, independence, and sovereignty, and for the respect in Lebanon of human rights, the rule of law, and democratic practices, thus allowing Lebanon to continue with its contributions to world peace and understanding amongst all nations.

f)       To promote the image of unselfish service that Lebanon has been rendering to humanity all through its history, and advance international good will, peace and understanding, by encouraging its members to serve their communities without personal financial reward, and to promote high ethical stan­dards in business, public work and private life, and also by engaging, as a Chapter, in such benevolent work as making charitable donations to local and Lebanese charities, and granting scholarships to deserving students.

Establishment of Affiliated Chapters

  • To aid in the establishment of chapters in various states when requested.
  • The chapters must subscribe to the highest ethical standards and principles advocated by WLCU-MS and those in the medical profession.


Objective: Establishment of a Hospital in Lebanon

To build a hospital in Lebanon in collaboration with WLCU

To bring the American experiences to Lebanon with the highest standards of care in collaboration and affiliation with US hospitals.

To create jobs in suburban areas in order to minimize the displacement of suburban and rural Lebanese to big cities and abroad. It would bring Health care as well as job opportunities to these areas so people would appreciate better their roots and value their lands.

This Hospital would be inspired by and would be the application of all the aspect of the WLCU Medical Society mission statement: professional, educational, humanitarian and cultural activities.

 Proposals  by Dr fadi Dagher of NY, to the WLCU Geographical region of USA & Canada, during the regional meeting in Montreal june 2010.
Unfortunately, this project was never put into effect by the North American Region. 



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