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AMERICAN LEBANESE GENERAL HOSPITAL. Was a vital project prepared by Dr Fadi Dagher to take place in 2012 in Lebanon, but the slow and corrupt bureaucratic system killed this project.


Was a vital project prepared by Dr Fadi Dagher of NY, was supposed to take place in 2012 in Lebanon, but the slow and corrupt bureaucratic system killed this project.
It is sad to see a dedicated Lebanese American doctors strives to do a medical project that not only fill the gap in medical procedures but create an opportunity of work to many lebanese in the Ikleem El Kharroub (Shouf- mount lebanon) area that was totally destroyed  during the war in 1985.


  1. To bring the American experiences to Lebanon with the highest standards of care in collaboration and affiliation with US hospitals.
  2. To focus on 2 major specialties that we are lacking in Lebanon and in the region (Middle East):   Multiorgan Transplantation and Diabetes.

The importance of the project:
The past few years have witnessed a general deterioration of medical services, the morale of doctors, the actual departure of doctors, and the inability of our institutions to recruit talent from outside. It is important, therefore, to start the process of regeneration by building upon the foci of excellence and strength.                      Dr Fadi Dagher

  1. This Hospital as a provider of care at the highest Standards and at the cutting edge will bring all the committed members and all the talented Lebanese and Arab Doctors and scientists who would strive, by bringing the American experience to our region, to build our Center Of Excellence.

  1. To create jobs in suburban areas in order to minimize the displacement of suburban and rural Lebanese to big cities and abroad. It would bring Health care as well as job opportunities to these areas so people would appreciate better their roots and value their lands.

  1. Create all the facilities to make this hospital the center of Health Tourism in Lebanon. In addition to general hospital departments The following specialties will be very well developed and represented:

  1. Transplant Center
  2. Diabetes and Islet Cell transplant Center
  3. Laparoscopic Center
  4. Obesity and cosmetic Center
  5. Cancer Center
  6. Dental and Dental Implant Center
  7. Imaging and Radiology Center
  8. Others

  1. This Hospital would be inspired by and would be the application of all the aspect of the WLCU Medical Society mission statement: professional, educational, humanitarian and cultural activities. 
Dr fadi Dagher after investing lots of is own money, and travels to lebanon many times to get support from the “officials” but was never  able to complete the applications to start, due to corruption and political favoritism from all sides, gave up and move out of the project.

It is also sad to know that his proposals to create a WLCU Medical society, as a part of the WLCU regional in USA & Canada was not put into effect by the  WLCU leaders in North America at that time.
Read in details about this noble project:AMERICAN LEBANESE GENERAL HOSPITAL

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