Membership drive, A Chapter’s needed action in 2011: Membership is the lifeblood of the WLCU. Retaining and attracting members can be a very challenging task…

WSG Administrative Report, from October 2009 to March 2012.


“Team approach” was the essence of the daily work at the Secretariat General. Our leadership team, based on the WLCU principles, worked tirelessly with the focus on a common goal: “take the WLCU to a higher level of performance”. This meant to make our Union a well structured respectable organization, where its leaders act always according to the bylaws and the constitution.

Secretarial affairs:


Unified Logo: Initially, various chapters in the Union used different WLCU Logos. The WSG sent to all members the correct Logo in color. The new modified logo is now being used on letter heads and on signatures throughout the Union.


New ID card: We issued a new computerized WLCU, ID card; we were able to distribute over 300 ID cards to worldwide members, we have the capacity to issue a 1000 ID card easily.


E-mail : We bought the services and the backup for 2 years for 50 email address  or we encouraged worldwide members to activate their WLCU email, we could at any time extend the services to cover even 1000 emails and more.


Constitution and By-laws: We distributed the revised electronic international bylaws to all available members and leaders; we refer to the bylaws in every nominations or appointment.


Regional By-laws: While the “Confelibra” represents the WLCU in the Geographical Region of Brazil and had its own constitutions, yet its relationship with WLCU is regulated under the “Protocol of Cooperation”. Some Geographical regions lack any regional bylaws, and one region had bylaws that contradicted the international bylaws. That is why the Secretariat General in agreement with the WP created in Feb 2010 a legal review committee in Australia- presided by Dr Georges Assaad- who produced a new regional bylaws in harmony with the international bylaws, and was used as a template for other regions. The result was:


            -Regional bylaws for Australia and NZ (English).

-Regional bylaws for USA & Canada (English and French).

-Regional bylaws for Europe (English and French).

-Regional bylaws for Latin America (English and Spanish).



Chapter’s registration: Since Nov 2009 we started encouraging chapters to register at the WSG, and asking them to pay the annual dues…

Read more:WSG Administrative Report, from October 2009 to March 2012.

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