Lebanese cuisine to launch in the United States

The restaurant chain Semsom specializing in Lebanese cuisine is , is preparing to launch in the U.S. market . The starting point of this expansion will be the east coast of the United States , specifically in New York .
The company commissioned FFA Private Bank ( investment banking division ) to advise on the financing of this expansion.
A press conference took up yesterday at the premises of the FFA in downtown Beirut to announce the launch of the operation, in the presence of the CEO of the bank , Jean Riachy , the CEO of the parent company Semsom , Treats, Christine Assouad Sfeir ( Dunkin ‘Donuts, Green Falafel ), the operations manager of the chain in the U.S., Carine E. Aswad , and the head of the division of investment bank FFA Julien Khabbaz .
In detail, the goal is to raise Semsom initially $ 4 million from new investors . This first phase will be followed by a second in 2016. ” Rate of return is projected at 31% ( conservative scenario ) but could reach 42% over a period of seven years ,” said Mr. Khabbaz .
The goal is ” to raise a total of $ 6 million (in two phases) and see the birth of a hundred restaurants by 2020 ,” including a number of franchises, said Ms. Assouad Sfeir .
Generating revenues of more than $ 660 billion annually , the U.S. foodservice market has no significant Lebanese actor , said Carine E. Aswad . “And the ” fast casual ” market – a more upscale category and healthier , intermediate between fast food and so-called traditional , restoration belongs Semsom – experiencing double-digit growth , the fastest in the United States for the past 10 years, ” she noted .

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