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Mayssa Karaa, a Lebanese American Singer, Songwriter and National Award winner presents her show: ESCALE, where ROCK MEETS TRADITION.

Lebanese American Singer Songwriter and National Award winner
Mayssa Karaa
 Presents on May 24 2014
                                ROCK MEETS TRADITION
with SPECIAL GUEST Marcus Nand
Maysa Karaa poster
Live in Concert Lebanon’s National Cultural Award winner, brings her electrifying vocals for the first time to the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Toronto. Karaa’s unforgettable vocal performance in the Oscar nominated, Golden Globe winning movie American Hustle’s in White Rabbit- Arabic has received worldwide recognition and garnered her fans around the globe.
In an evening of unforgettable music Mayssa Karaa brings together some of the finest traditional and rock musicians performing with her both traditional folk Arabic,Lebanese, and French melodies, while introducing  her new soul stirring rock compositions all infused with lush orchestral arrangements. Karaa combines her  classical music/vocal training from Berklee college of Music with her deep understanding of her Lebanese cultural roots. Karaa is joined on stage by masterful Flamenco guitarist Marcus Nand whose roots via Spain -UK and now the United States and Canada, has won him International acclaim. Nand and Karaa will perform their new duet, a reflective rock melody driven with their stunning vocals and Nand’s passionate gypsy-rock guitar rhythms.

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