Monthly Online WLCU NEWSLETTER, By Dr Georges Haddy.Issue of November 16-2002.

November 16-2002

Print this newsletter to read at your convenience and please share it with a friend.  

1- Quote / Inspirational
2- Announcements and News
3- Site / Group of the month
4- Positive emails
5- Discussion topic
6- How can you help

1- Quote

“There is a world of difference between a person who has a big problem and a person who makes a problem big.”  
One quality of good leadership is the ability to solve problems, or to recognize problems before they occur.  No individual is exempt from problems, the same applies to organizations.  Problems are a fact of life, but the key is how you react to problems.  In some languages the word problem means a challenge or an opportunity.  It is a test of true leadership. 

2- Announcements and News:

* WLCU meeting
We wish great success for the WLCU meeting in Washington DC on Dec 21-22.  If you need information please email  Dr. Anis Karam at  [email protected]

* Olympics request we were asked to share in the newsletter:
 From Caroline Kfoury in Lebanon
The Lebanese Olympic Committee would like to address a message to every Lebanese athlete in the world, we would like to find young talented sportsmen, who will be willing to represent their homeland in regional, international and even the Olympic Games. This will be a great promotion to Lebanon across the world and will help the enhancement of sport in Lebanon. We hope that you will respond positively to this call . For more information pls. email @: [email protected]  or  [email protected]

* WLCU website
Please visit our website and note the new additions.  A new segment was added which is a directory of famous people of Lebanese origin.  Another new segment is Lebanon in the Bible. 
a- Please send us any statistics or information that would contribute to the website.
b- Please check the directory and send us changes or corrections.

* Help us grow
Please invite your friends to join our newsletter list.  We would like to recruit and grow by word of mouth.  I hope that each of you would refer 5 people by the end of the year.  We are looking for people who are positive and with good character and who would be interested in preserving the Lebanese culture and identity.  We hope some of them will contribute or get involved when in the many opportunities that will become available.  You can tell them about the newsletter and send them a personal invitation.  They are more likely to join if they are invited by someone they know.  If they agree you can send me their name, location, profession or any other information. This is a great way to find out about what different groups are doing all over the world, and a great way to make new friends.

3- Site or group of the month

* Shoofimafi Web Site
This is a 100 % Lebanese.  The site address is  The coordinators are from Canada and the U.S.  They are not affiliated with any political parties, they are just Lebanese and proud of it.  They publish articles written by Lebanese from all over the world. Make sure you read the article featured on the site now.  It is a good article called “Rescue Please”.   Some of the main features that are very popular: a- Recipes from Lebanon, b- Let’s talk Lebanese, c- web-magazine and d- Music.  Make sure you write them to congratulate them on their excellent work.

4- Positive Emails

Here is an email from Ms. Guerra in Belize. 

I am told by my grandparents that my great-great grandparents came from
Lebanon as merchants to Belize in Central America (this is where I
live). There are many people here who are of Lebanese decent. My family
includes surnames such as Habet and Marin. This fact has always made me
curious to know more about Lebanon and Lebanese Culture. This web page is
exciting to read because lots of people I like watching on television
have Lebanese backgrounds and I did not know that before. Is there any
way that I can get to know more about the Lebanese culture. If so please
e-mail me. Thank you. 

5- Discussion

1- Our last discussion was about the culture and identity department.  Suggestions received include: 
a- act as a centralized resource center. 
b- Develop a directory of resources such as books, videos. 
(We can either have a centralized library or where we can find that item.)
c- Develop a directory for speakers on culture.  Include location and contact.
d- Add a menu on the website for this department.

2- We will keep the same topic of discussion to get more input.   Dr. Nick kahwaji  is one of the coordinators of this group. His email is  [email protected]     Your input and suggestions are valuable:
a- What should be the main function of this department?
b- Do you have any resources to share with them?
c- What information should they gather and archive as reference and a resource?
d- Would you like to be involved in this group, or can you refer friends who has this interest?

6- How can you help WLCU

* Participate in the discussions.  Provide us with input, ideas and   suggestions.
* Participate in committees, departments and projects, or start a local chapter.
* Help us build our email list and recruit people of character and integrity. We 
  are looking for quality not quantity.  
* Send us feedback and items for the newsletter.

Best regards
Dr. George Haddy, Editor                                  
November 16-2002



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