Survival of written matters:Beings die, but their writings to help them survive.By Bahjat Rizk.

Survival of written matters



Beings die, but their writings to help them survive .

 Certainly, Ghassan Tueni departure is a great loss for his family, his entourage and Lebanon, but the end of our time on earth is inevitable, as it is written permanently in our human condition. The only way to confront the remains of belief and faith. The mystery of death was and never will be rationally understood, since before and after remain unknown and a matter of “other life .” Many beautiful spiritual , poetic and mystical writings , since the beginning of human consciousness , have been published on this subject to soothe our pain and alleviate our pain .

 Ghassan Tueni , crossing the wall of silence June 8, 2012 , between elsewhere , in another phase which is inaccessible to us , and here, another step , which now belongs to us , the memory of men through the memories and essentially writings he left behind .

 Now and forever , it becomes his writings, whether political or autobiographical . That is why after having cried the man, he would resume his deep thought. We miss Lebanon dramatically , political thinkers who guide us , and Ghassan Tueni reflected through his many writings , a certain vision of eternal Lebanon which he believes he valiantly defended and he wanted to convey .

 That is his legacy today are custodians his journalistic family and his biological family ( to include his second wife who beautifully accompanied the last twenty years ) .

 The man left his work is still there because the human mind does not die. Whether in the form of the soul or reason , it is the only way to stay connected to it faithfully .


Bahjat Rizk

 Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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