Corporate Governance across Ethics, Culture & Citizenship: What to give and what to expect.

Corporate Governance and Ethics have become one of the most significant concepts and has been extended to cover the activities of non-profit organizations and their direct influence…

Corporate Governance across Ethics, Culture & Citizenship:

What to give and what to expect.

This info below are from an International Conference on Governance prepared by:

The Faculty of Business and Commercial Sciences

at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK)


The Arab Society of the Faculties of Business, Economic & Political Sciences (BEPS)

April 14 & 15, 2014

USEK Main Campus

Jounieh – Lebanon


Globalization and Cultural Strategies

In the past, many organizations failed to expand and grow globally, despite their high quality products and/or services. Their main obstacle was summarized by the fact that customers did not see any relation between products or services, and beliefs or attitudes of corporations. The latter were facing significant difficulties in adjusting their own cultures to those of the targeted market. Thus, culture shocks occurred and many corporations became bankrupt.


The era of globalization has contributed to the resolution of this dilemma as it has allowed cultures to be incorporated into the globe through a network of communication. The elimination of trade barriers has allowed Eastern and Western companies to go global. In this context, to what degree does the business environment influence cultural strategies? What are its consequences upon corporations? How can corporations match their strengths to this opportunity and adjust their weaknesses, in order to overcome the anticipated threats?

  • The Effects of Cultures on Business Strategies;
  • The Role of Ethical Communication in the Digital World;
  • Cultural Shifts among International Corporations;
  • Corporate Cultures in Dynamic and Volatile Environments.


Corporate Governance and Ethics

Governance and ethics have become one of the most significant concepts simultaneously performing. After dreadful scandals that hit the global businesses in the past years, multiple questions have started to arise regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of legal and legislative norms and regulations. Nowadays, this matter has been extended to cover the activities of non-profit organizations and their direct influence on stakeholders. This challenge has raised various questions. Therefore, what is our role as Higher Education Institutions in framing this dilemma? Is it a legislative or an ethical challenge?

  • Governance in Higher Education: Challenges That Go Beyond The Limits;
  • Business Ethics In the Arab World: Between Cultures and Modernization;
  • Business Ethics: A Distorted Image;
  • Societal Governance: An Outlook from Behind the Scenes of the Middle East;
  • Corporate Governance in Non-¬Profit Organizations: Does It Really Matter?


Corporate Citizenship

Nowadays, corporate citizenship has become one of the greatest concerns for many corporations; thus, presenting numerous challenges for businesses on how to profitably survive and grow along with their communities and societies. The essence lies in developing a positive relationship with various stakeholders, which in turn creates a sustainable economic wealth. In this context, how do we define this social act? What are its characteristics? And, what are its consequences on both the short and long-term performance of corporations?

  • Corporates: A New Form of Citizenship?
  • Globalization and Citizenship: An Ever-growing Paradox;
  • Citizenship in the Challenge of Space and Time;
  • Is Good Society A Good Business?


Socio-Economic Development

The aftermath of economic downturns always creates a need for reform and renewal. Following the latest economic recession, many organizations have started to recognize that a close link exists between the company’s actions and its effects on communities and societies. Economic recovery has nowadays become a necessity while protecting social needs. Therefore, it has become vital to recapitulate all social and economic aspects among corporations, in order to safeguard a better quality of life for all stakeholders and future generations.

  • Edutourism: Between Education and Economic Increase;
  • Corporate Prosperity: A Balance Between the Healthy and Wealthy of Society;
  • The Effects of the Social Impact of Economic Changes;
  • Survival in Times of Financial Distress: Balancing all Stakeholders’ Needs.

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