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On the International Women’s Day we remember a famous young lady from lebanese background the late Ninawa Daher of Argentina.Her memory will live forever

On the International Women’s Day we remember a famous young lady from lebanese background the late Ninawa Daher of Argentina.Her memory will live forever


ninawa daher

In the memory of Nínawa Daher, the Community House of the Diaguitas was built in Tucuman


The reconstruction was made in October, moth of the commemoration of the birth of the journalist.

The remodeling of the so called “Little house of Stone” at the Calchaqui Valleys of took Ninawa’s love towards the native people into account and her respect for the autochthonous property and her defense of the rights of the real owners.

The Community House of the Diaguitas takes part of the touristic circuit between Tucuman and Salta, it functions as House-Museum, allowing the young people to be trained in different trades and professions and to be able to sell the handicraft made by them, giving them good and dignified employment opportunities. 

The Nínawa Daher Foundation carried on the whole donation of the reconstruction materials for the House, making this dream of the Diaguita Community come true and transforming the despair into a different reality. 

“The activity was selected by the Foundation since we considered that this contribution was not a philanthropic isolated intervention but a collaboration through this act with a social group with clear needs, not solved through other resources, collaborating with an action of social responsibility, love, solidarity, respect for the dignity of the people above all”, the Foundation announced. 

The reopening ceremony took place the 13th of October and counted with the presence of the Foundation authorities, the Government of Tucuman, the Ambassador of the Republic of Lebanon Dr. Antonio Andary and near 100 young people of Lebanese origin from all the country who traveled thank to the Foundation Plaza donation. They could attend this way to the inauguration of the Casa del Mollar and to the XVI Congress of the World Lebanese Cultural Union Youth, the Lebanese House of Tucuman Youth who detected the needs of this social group and all the members of the Diaguita Community of La Angostura. 

In that encounter there were dissertations and exchanges of presents and the traditional cut of the inaugural ribbon took place. Also a cedar was planted, the tree of the Lebanese flag and a symbol of that country. And they also placed a marble plaque to honor Ninawa Daher with her famous saying. 

After the emotional ceremony which included the Pachamama (Mother Earth) ceremony, the Community Headwoman Doña Clementina Nieva invited to a lunch to thank the Foundation. During this encounter, there was Diaguita and Lebanese music, settlin in both communities, the Lebanese and the Diaguita, in a one dance and very emotional encounter and the clear energy of what is made in the memory of… 

“I will spread my wings to everyone… I want the world to fly with my energy… Those who have not wings, may they have them soon; and those who are already flying, may they join me… I want to give love to everyone… fill their harts with joy… I want to fulfill sadness and draw smiles…” Nínawa Daher 

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