Ricardo Kahwagi assumes the presidency of the Lebanese Center in Mexico Devoting body and soul in the next 365 days to the community, said Kahwaji

Ricardo Kahwagi assumes the presidency of the Lebanese Center in Mexico

Devoting  body and soul in the next 365 days to the community, said Kahwagi

Ricardo Kahwagi

Members of the Lebanese community in Mexico gathered on Jan. 16 to witness the inauguration of taking office of  Ricardo Kahwagi as President of the  Lebanese Center . The ceremony took place at the Hermes unit in Mexico City .

– The Lebanese Center considered the second home of Lebanese -Mexican   descent, partners know their roots , values ​​and customs through cultural , sporting and social activities.

Like any institution, the center has a board which is renewed every year by the ranking system. The person who assumes the presidency of the institution previously passed on charges of second counselor, first counselor, treasurer, secretary and vice president. Thus, to become president, you serve  five years before taking office, this is  the organizational functioning of the Lebanese Center .

At an open council meeting  Bustani Moukarzel Victor presented his work report as outgoing president of the institution. He described this period by the center as unforgettable; likewise stressed that the experience made ​​him grow as a human being and thanked fellow council for the work done for the Lebanese community.

He also thanked former presidents of the Lebanese Center for sharing their knowledge and experience during his tenure. “Many thanks for your advice, your scolding and support. I left a piece of his life, now I understand more in this position, “said Bustani .

As part of its management highlighted the software update, the new design of the website of the center, the refurbishment of various facilities, new hires in the managerial field , conducting more than 50 cultural events, partnerships with local and federal authorities . All this for the benefit of members and employees of the Lebanese Center.

Finally welcomed  Ricardo Kahwagi as president of the institution, thanked his friends and wished him success . “You are an able man with a beautiful family who will support you . This experience will only live once , enjoy it , “he said .

Meanwhile Ricardo Kahwagi stressed in his speech the traditional Lebanese education lived during his childhood and youth . Education in which the Arabic language and love for Lebanon were a constant.

He reported that he will work hard to benefit the center and the Lebanese community to make 2014 a great year. He thanked his family patience and support provided during the journey that led him to the presidency of the institution.

“They encourage and promote “libanismo “, rally the community around a common project , to support the Lebanese clubs throughout Mexico , and focusing mainly on children and youth by fostering love for Lebanon and strengthening identity, are the main Kahwagi commitments ahead of the institution.

He pledged to modernize the center, will provide ongoing training to staff , continue to provide excellent services , most dynamic common areas. In order to cope with the changes required by the times.

He acknowledged the support of the community to which he described as invaluable. “I have clear goals and know that entail personal sacrifices. I’m ready to face the commitment, devote body and soul in the next 365 days to the community , “said Ricardo Kahwagi .

He concluded quoting Mother Teresa to summarize what will be his leadership at the Lebanese Center Post: “Whoever does not live to serve, not serve to live.”

From Protocol journal

Text and photos: Alejandro Barragan

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Emilio Guerra, Alfredo Miguel y Carlos Jalife Nabih Chartouni, José Bustani, Antonio Rezek,
Alejandro Rassambarousli y el embajador
de Líbano en México, Hicham Hamdan
Jorge Serio, Víctor Bustani Moukarzel,
Ricardo Kahwagi y Alejandro Maffuz
José Anuar Curi y Julián Bustani Javier Millán y Javier Dergal Sulema Mosri, Elías Zacarías y Bety Zacarías
Amira de Kahwagi y Yamel Kahwagi Ayub Safar Boueri y Wendy Coss Diana y Ricardo Curi
Luz Atala y Alejandro Curi Jorge Serio y Wendy Coss Alejandro Maffuz, Carlos Matuk, Carlos Farah,
Wendy Coss, Napoleón Fillat y José Luis Nacif
Antonio Trabulse, Martha Trabulse,
Martha Bital, Jorge Nacif y Ruy Kawas
Edmundo Marón, Gilda de Kahwagi
y Juan Antonio Marón
José Luis Abraham y Amira de Kahwagi
Fernando Serio y Yamel Kahwagi Daniela Barroso, Dany Curi y Wallyd Curi

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