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‘Nostalgia’ Ramiz Barquet piece dedicated to his wife( a fairy tale story)

Puerto Vallarta’s El Malecon Boardwalk Photo: ‘Nostalgia’ Ramiz Barquet piece dedicated to his wife 

“La Nostalgia” (“Nostalgia”) by Ramiz Barquet, 1984
One of the most popular sculptures in Puerto Vallarta , Barquet’s “Nostalgia” is a tribute to his relationship with his wife, the painter Nelly Barquet. The two planned to marry when they were young, but they lost touch, married other people, and each had children. After twenty-seven years, Ramiz and Nelly finally met again in Mexico and married. The sculpture depicts the silhouettes of two people sitting side-by-side and looking in the same direction toward the city. 

courtesy of TripAdvisor

This statue is actually a depiction of him and his wife. They fell in love and when he proposed to her, she accepted and he went home and sculpted this piece about them. The story is more involved than that, but that is the gist.
nostalgia at night

Behind this Sculpture a sweet fairy tale is hidden.

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