John Badr, WLCU-BCC President proposals for a change on the Agenda of the 18 world congress.

To the attention of: Mr. Michel Doueihi, WLCU WP ,
Secretary General Mr. Toni kaddissi.

 Re: WLCU-BC Council proposes for a change on the Agenda of the 18 world congress.

The BC Council of the WLCU  would like to propose the following items:
-After the registration, and the opening session by the WP Michel Doueihi,we propose the following:
 1. Presentation of the new constitution by Attorney Steven Stanton
a. To discuss, Debate, and vote ONLY on the new constitution presented by attorney Steven Stanton, according to the resolutions of the 17th World congress (Mexico, March 2012) as the highest authority of the WLCU. b. If the General Assembly vote by 2/3 affirmative vote to adopt Mr. Stanton new constitution, then there will be no reason to discuss any amendments on the existing by-law. Then the assembly should be focusing on a new by-law to suit our organization for the 21st century.

2. To withdraw the vote on the controversial amendment of articles in the disputed “Internal regulations”, as it is a direct violation of the WLCU constitution, Resolutions and ethics.
3. To reserve time for the BC Council for a presentation during the congress.
 4. “Everyone is aware that there are many articles in the actual by-law that are controversial, outdated, and it is about time to implement a new change”.
5. In case Mr. Stanton Presentation did NOT get the 2/3 affirmative vote, then we propose the following: a. To adopt article 18 of the By-law: b. Article 18- The original text of the basic constitutional law was written in Arabic in 1994. It is the applicable text that we refer to in case of conflict regarding the explanation or application of the translated texts.
6. To reserve time for the BC Council for a presentation during the congress. 7. At the beginning of the meeting we would like a vote for approving the agenda.

     We believe in the equal rights and duties of the 6 geographical regions of the WLCU, we would like to inform you all of our clear refusal of “the 1/3 of the vote “(Al Tilt Al Mouattel), to be given to any region under any circumstances.

Finally, we recommend the creation of a Legal Panel to act in the 18th World congress as an arbitrator in any unsolved constitutional matters. This legal panel is to be formed only from Lawyers, Judges, and Notaries who are still in practice or retirees from within or from out of our WLCU body.

We hope the coming 18th world congress will be a fresh start-up toward the recreation of our organization based on a new constitution that will take the WLCU to a higher level of performance.

Yours truly
John Badr
WLCU-BCC President
(Representing: (LCSBC)-Vancouver chapter.( CLCA) – Victoria Chapter. And the Youth chapter)

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