John Badr (WLCU-BC President) wanted 4 important items,to be discussed in details at the 18th World Congress.

John Badr (WLCU-BC President) wanted 4 important items,to be discussed  in details at the 18th World Congress.

To the attention of the WP.SG, and members of the WLCU 

We did submit in the past few items for the amendment of the bylaws, and other subjects, and since we just been notified  that we will be receiving a new constitution from Attorney Steve Stanton. We propose the followings:

-Do not lose time discussing old and divisive  matters but concentrate on the new constitution, to understand the new way of conducting the daily business of a new WLCU.

-To face our problems and differences with courage and determinations and to start taking the WLCU to a higher level of performance.

-To add the four important items below ,to be discussed  in details at the 18th World Congress:..

 1)The legal relationship between the World Lebanese Cultural union (Mother Organization), and  the Confederation of the Libano-Brazilian clubs(Regional representative):

In the Past ,

The Present

and especially in the Future.

We believe it is about time to re-think this important relationship between the local and the Worldwide organization in the light of a new WLCU constitution” “Trans-Global Corporation bylaws” for a better, strong  and clear relationships.


2) Dialogues with the ministry of Foreign affairs, and or its subordinates: Re- affirming our  principles (based on the resolutions of the Miami 2010 World Council exceptional meeting ).

A Change in the Regional events and political alliances, paved the way to a new government in Lebanon , and new minister, it is important to discuss  our clear vision of the WLCU as an NGO, toward any dialogue(doesn’t matter who is in power in Lebanon).


3)ECOSOC: Action plan to help solve  the Socio-Economic problems in Lebanon due to the presence of millions of refugees from Neighbouring countries.

A Socio-Economic action program needed to participate in solving these problems, first to help our people in Lebanon, to curb the emigrations of youth and to stop the Brain-Drain.


4)Executive office in NY : Opening an executive office in NY, to be efficient  at the UN headquarter,(the only  international organization that recognizes us).

 We are a Diaspora organization, where our main activities happened outside Lebanon. We believe we should discuss this project in details.

As we  have carefully studied each item, legally ,ethically and practically, we are ready to attend the Congress with open mind to discuss, explore all details, and to elaborate in our proposals toward a practical resolutions.
truly yours,

 John Badr

 WLCU -BC council President 

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