Letter to WLCU Leaders and members :”I extend to you.Declaring pulling my signature from the , ” English copy of the By- laws “…By Past WSG

To the attention of WLCU Leaders and members

  Before the World Council meeting In Costa Rica, many discussions are taking place, these days, about the WLCU bylaws and some suggestions to be discussed during the meeting.

So I like to point out the following:

– It is no secret to any one, that all previous amendments, contained in the English copy of the By-laws, were not well thought out, but mostly made in improvisational way, and not based of the spirit of the WLCU, Lacking a deep knowledge of the By-Laws, but based on the personal logic of members of committees, where these modifications was sometimes detailed according to personal interests.

– Between the 12 and the 17 Congress. No secretary-general did sign any amended by-laws. Most of the amendments were not put in front of the members of the World Congress to a vote on.

– During my term as a WSG (Oct 2009-Mar2012), No amendment was made, but we only assigned to Mr. Steven Stanton, to Study and propose a new Constitution of the WLCU.

– After several months of being appointed I received a By-laws written in the English language.  I quickly sign it in all good faith. This rushed signatures was an error, because I did not have the right to sign it, as I was not the Secretary General of the Sixteenth Congress. So my signature of this law, do not give it any constitutional legitimacy, nor any legal status, and should not be invoked as a legal cover.

– I did not review, “the English copy”, and did not verify it. But I did distribute it with all good will, to prove to me later, that it is full of typos mistakes (And others), and which may be caused, by the absence of a sworn translations, in addition to omitted paragraphs, i find legal articles disappeared and flew completely, and also found some sentences-missing a few words – when printing – that altered the original meaning, and became the subject of controversy, such as Article 16, that is conditional to Article 73.

  So I extend to you.  Declaring pulling  my signature  from the , ” English law ” , which was not ratified by anyone , nor initiated, and was only applied in a partial and selective way , I am asking you to review the  Article 18 of the basic rules of the original Arabic copy.        

 I wish all the respected members of the WLCU, (as we are all responsible) to realize the seriousness of what is going on, in distorting the laws, and emptying it of substance and content. We can all work for the maintenance of the law. Away from trading, and bid.

  And with courage, respect and knowledge, we have to remember that the World Congress gave authority to attorney  Stanton, to prepare a  new Regulations for the WLCU, and it is not entitled to the Secretariat General, nor to the World Council (ordinary or extraordinary ),to Jump over the decisions of the World Congress .

                                  Dr. Nick Kahwaji (World Secretary General 2009-2012)

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