Vote for Hana Nadia in the Arctic adventure in North Sweden (300 Km with Dog sled)

Hana Nadia Chatila grew up in Sweden where she studied and lived with her family. 

A month after graduation from high school she was diagnosed with cancer, not being a kid and not being a grown up, being in between two worlds was hard for her as she thought she had her life in front of her. 


Now Hana is healthy and back on her feet again and she made a promise to herself that if she ever got her health back she would take advantage and go to as many adventures as possible. So she made a bucket list. 

For now she’s crossed things of her list like climbing a mountain which she did DEC 2012 when she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro which is the worlds highest freestanding mountain. But more adventures await and she has entered a competition to win one but she needs votes to do so. 

She has the chance to win an Arctic adventure were she will travel 300 km with dog sled up in the north of Sweden. 

An amazing experience she hopes to take part in.

Hana won and she was formally announced as representative of Sweden.

 she will plants the Lebanese flag on the snow there, with video coverage.

She’s is another Cedar.


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