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On the Road to Reading. A series of Books by Elisabeth Davis-Karam

Elisabeth Davis-Karam is an American who has been living in Lebanon since 1999.  She has been writing young children’s books for over 12 years and served as a English Coordinator at Antonine Sister’s School in Ghazir, Lebanon during that time.  She worked with children ages 3-7 and authored books for the same age bracket.  She is best know for “On the Road to Reading”.  These books are a series of leveled readers for children between the ages of 5 and 7.  They encourage independent reading and boost decoding confidence.  There is a Kindergarten pack of 8 books which mainly address the short vowel sounds.  Both the First and Second Grade packs consist of 8 books each targeting increasingly difficult phonetic rules.  Elisabeth also wrote “Enchanting Stories”, a volume of narratives meant to encourage listening skills and promote comprehension.  The stories are rich and exciting for young children with an age-appropriate moral at the end of each tale.

    Elisabeth studied at Notre Dame University in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, obtaining a B.A. degree in Educational Psychology.  She also possesses a B.S. Degree in International Business from San Jose State University in California.


 A book’s cover                                                  A page as an example          
 I See a Box page 3

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