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                        Anuar kuri has died. The “Cultural Union” is now widow.

It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of Anuar Kuri, the Past president of the WLCU. A great man, who worked continuously over a half century for the service of the WLCU, the Lebanese Diaspora and Lebanon.

I was honored to meet him for the first time, in Mexico City, May 12/2000, and to build with him a deep partnership based on similar values and beliefs that lasted until his death. The Last time I saw him was during the 17th world congress.  After a lunch with him ,Joseph Younes and Simon Antoun on Sunday after noon, Mar 25/ 2010, in Mexico city,  I bid him farewell, knowing  that it is may be  the last time our path would cross.

Who was Anuar Kuri in the WLCU?

Before joining the WLCU he was a Lawyer of high profile, who became an iconic figure as the years passed. Many successful WLCU Presidents preceded him, and others came after, but he overshadowed them all .He was kind, joyful, humble, wise and serious, all at the same time.

He was the son of a famous Lebanese immigrant, and so he was part of a legend. And he learned to flourish in it. He became a legacy and we should learn to treasure it.

He gave us strength in the time of trouble and wisdom in the time of uncertainty. He was always by the side of truth. He never followed the easy path of personal interest.

In the early nineties, he knew the danger that threatened the existence of the WLCU. Possessing moral courage, he accepted to become the World President and nominated Eng. Joseph Younes (a man of the same quality), as His Secretary General. He treated him with respect, encouragement and unconditional support. They both shielded the organization and saved it from being eliminated by the Lebanese authority (Ministry of emigration in early nineties).

He vowed to revitalize the Cultural Union and a new constitution was born (93/94) which replaced the constitution of the 1985.

He was a hero and a family man that not only belonged to the KURI family, but to the Lebanese Diaspora as a whole.

To me–in the WLCU- he was an Icon, a spiritual father, a visionary, and a model that leads by example.

His Legendary leadership will be missed forever.

May God bless his soul .

Sincere condolences to you all, and to his wife, sons and grandchildren.

Dr Nick kahwaji & Family

Past WSG(Oct 2009-Mar 2012).


Vancouver. Canada  27 Nov 2013.

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