LARP III Mission to Lebanon, a call to WLCU Leaders from Honorable Walid Maalouf

LARP III Mission to Lebanon, a call to WLCU Leaders from Honorable Walid Maalouf
Dear WLCU leaders: 
 I want to thank my dearest friend Anise Garabet for his support of LARP III Mission to Lebanon. Anise is not only a friend he is my brother in arms for a better Lebanon. I hope you will accept Anise’s and my invitation to join us on November 1st and participate in the LARP Mission & Conference. I also hope that several of you will sign up and join us as delegates. Following is a brief of the efforts we have had thus far. I also invite each and every one of you to consider a corporate sponsorship. I have attached a copy of the packages for your immediate consideration. I send you my best wishes and look forward to your positive response. Regards, 


Here is an overview of the efforts we had thus far in promoting LARP III:

1. Below is the general invitation sent recently to the 1500 addresses on the Lebanese expatriate mailing list.

2. We outreached to the Lebanese Ambassadors in Washington, DC, Ottawa, Brasilia and Mexico through personal letters requesting their recommendations since the fundraising effort is benefiting a Lebanese government institution (the Lebanese Fire Department). Letters and conversations with the Lebanese Deputy Chiefs of Missions in Washington DC and Mexico.

3. Outreached to the Consul Generals in Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo with letters and phone calls.

4. Outreached to the Lebanese Honorary Consuls in Houston, Boston, Raleigh – USA; Merida, Guadalajara – Mexico; Halifax Nova Scotia, Toronto Ontario – Canada; and Curitiba, Porto Alegre – Brazil with letters/phone calls as well.

5. We mailed personal fundraising letters to 47 prominent Lebanese American businessmen offering them sponsorship packages and urging them to support this worthy cause of the Lebanese Fire Fighters Department. ( and now including you)

6. Outreached to the Canadian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and the Mexican Lebanese Chamber of Commerce offering equal participation based on their level of involvement.

7. Continued communication with the LARP membership, donors, supporters of the LARP III Mission with latest developments and now WLCU leadership.

Our main message to all is: “Raising $250,000 for the Civil Defense to purchase 2500 uniforms, needs “jouhoud moushtarakeh“. The total number of sacrificing volunteer members of the Fire Department is 2500.

We cannot only provide 200 uniforms, or 500, or 1200, we must provide all of them at once! This is why we are engaging such a large number of expatriates, diplomats, businessmen and activists. I kindly ask you to unite behind

this idea, because this is a tangible donation. When you go to Lebanon for a visit, you will be able to see it either in action or simply on the road as firefighter volunteers move from one destination to another. You will be

proud that you participated.

My personal appeal to the WLCU leadership is for each to participate in either a $5,000 or $10,000 sponsorship. If you all accept my personal appeal, we will win and we will reach our goal. How beautiful this is when we are all together as united Lebanese immigrants in Beirut on November 1st, making this donation to our fellow Lebanese firefighters.

Sincerely yours,

Walid Maalouf

Former US Public Delegate to the UN

Former Director Public Diplomacy USAID

Cell 703.819.2257 

LARP III sponspackages

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