Lebanese Bride is the True “Rose” Star of Titanic

Lebanese Bride is the True “Rose” Star of Titanic

101 years have passed on the Titanic tragedy, but the world just found out that the story behind the great movie could really be inspired by Zahiya, a Lebanese bride who was a passenger on the Titanic!


This is how it all began:

Letters and relatives of Seilana, a Lebanese survivor who was on the Titanic, prove that Zahiya’s story is the true inspiration behind the Titanic movie.

And after more research and studies, reseachers found that many lebanese passengers on the Titanic wrote the exact same story to tell their families!

Seilana was a bride on the Titanic, and unfortunately lost her groom.

“They raised their heads, and looked at the people surrounding them, especially the ones on the life boats, who were amazed by the men’s courage.” Seilana Said.

Seilana told her brother the story of another bride called Zahiya, who refused to get on the life boat without her partner Boutros, the guards have carried her and put her on the boat 3 times but she jumped back on the Titanic every time! 

Everyone was amazed by Zahiya’s love to her fiancĂ©, once the water reached neck level, her fiancĂ© was drowning, she jumped off the boat and put her arms around him, that is when she said, “we either live together or die together.” 

Could Zahiya’s story be the true story behind the great love story of Jack and Rose in the Titanic movie?

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