Interview with the founder of the Cedar wings Eng. Charbel Sarkis

Interview with the founder of the Cedar wings Eng. Charbel Sarkis

Q: tell us first about yourself

I am Lebanese, father and executive manager for MNC of multibillion dollars businesses

Q: About the Project

This is a Global incubating environment for all Lebanese and Friends, since this project streamlines real life with the digital cloud; the project consist of a group of internet sites intending to service converging goals favoring the Lebanese and Diaspora along socializing with their friends and friends’ friends. ™

www.CedarWings.TV ™

www.CedarMail.Net is a framework for a dozen of free prime and quality services, targeting all ages from early ages and older ages having the ability to utilize the internet; there is no age restriction in broad meaning, a 10 years old person can join and utilize most of the sections!

CedarWings.TV is a unique version of the Lebanese YouTube, users could watch all kinds of media and multimedia for free, streamline live their events, post any kind of media related to their activities and they can pay per view to watch specifically selected films.

Additional contents and benefits will be announced just before launching both Internet sites.

 Q: What do you mean by friends?

We all have connections with a mosaic of people, any Lebanese member of the can virtually sponsor a non Lebanese friend within the community; this idea comes from the belief that limiting such type of network will undermine its sustainability.

Q: You mentioned an academic theory behind the project

It’s the OSSN, Online Specific Social Network, a theory I had to develop and study for an MBA thesis and research, in this regards, it is quite relevant to state impressive facts about January 2013 statistical campaign, whereas 30,000 Lebanese responded to the online Questionnaire, and almost 8,000 answered 40 questions; that was so useful to find out what prospective members really need.

Q: It sounds like a costly set up, who’s financing your projects?

First of all, these are not my projects only! These are our projects, for you and for me.

No source of finance except my own, expecting refunding paid costs thru the business section membership and ads revenue.

Q: What about affiliations and supporting parties?

The only moral support is made available and heartily desired from organizations like yours and from more than 120 volunteers worldwide.

I have no political affiliations, nor religious driven objectives; although the project will have enough space for everyone to interact without exceptions.

Q: when would we be able to check those Internet sites ?

Expecting in August 2013, although that wouldn’t be a great time to launch an Internet project since most of northern hemisphere people go outdoors, hence we scheduled two waves of promotion campaigns for 2013

Q: What assistance you need at this pre-launching phase?

It depends on individuals and organizations’ capacities; still need more volunteers, from all over the world including Lebanon, for data compiling, data research and graphic designers; also need men and women from all ages for a 30 seconds promotional film.

Equally, still need individuals or organizations with reach to cooperate in this endeavor.

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