The problem here does not lie in the pretext invoked by the US authorities, but rather in the mechanism that allowed them to detect and confiscate the funds. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah)

Charbel Y. Sarkis Profile – Founder of the Cedar wings

Charbel Y. Sarkis Profile
Charbel Sarkis


Entrepreneur, driven by innovation and creation, brands creator and business enhancer.

Engaged to excel, to inspire and get inspired;

Considers Family as prime journey of life, and business second as accomplishment towards an ultimate satisfaction.

Advocate of TQM and Lean business practices, daily heed the change and understand your “Milieu – Medium”, feel the ground under your feet while aiming high.

No achievement could supersede that of Human Capital.


Holder of Master of Business Administration from the University of Melbourne Australia,

Fellow of the American Academy of Financial Management, Member of Institute of International Management Accountants.

Did business in more than a dozen of countries for more than two decades, experienced in M&A and boosting operations, well exposed to broad range of cultures and globalization with high proficiency in the Dot Com & Information Technology realm.

Currently holding an executive position for an MNC at the GCC, in business management and finance roles.

Previous experience in different industries, as esecutive and consultant.

Addicted to exotic cultures and travelling around the world, but like magnet, to Lebanon keeps coming back home.


Divorced and blessed with two lovely children.

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