WLCU Archives: World Council meeting Beirut 2010,and 2011, Subject New Website

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Minutes of the World Council Meeting -Ordinary Session

Beirut, Lebanon  

3, 4, August / 2010

Subject WLCU Website:

” WSG: We all know the actual website of the WLCU, is out dated, and does not suit an organization like ours in many way. The WP asked me to study the possibility to prepare a new website, and he proposes to donate 2000 US$ for this project to start. I did consult with few expert on the field, we are studying the website of the CBC in Canada for inspirations, I hope all members and chapters will pay their dues so we will have enough money to start and later to cover all cost. If money comes we hope to launch the new website after finishing one year of this administration.”


Cut from the 

Minutes of the World Council Meeting-ordinary  Session

Beirut, Lebanon,Friday  29 July, 2011

Hotel Le Royal , (First Session)

Subject WLCU Website:

“New International website www.wlcu.org :

The remote launching of the new WLCU Website  ( from Canada to Beirut  via SKYPE ) was a success, our administrator Eng. Camille Louis exposed the structure of the web, and the various interesting menus and  related submenus, showing the advanced technology used to prepare it, and the endless potential for the future use. Using 5 languages is the only way to connect to the Lebanese Diaspora in their native language.

After explaining the technology project for 3 years to come, DWSG Mr Roger Hani exposed the various menu and submenu for example :


  1. President news ( include all the president news) ,
  2. Secretariat  news ( include all the WSG news)
  3. Economy : Articles to show the importance of the Diaspora money in the Lebanese economy.
  4. Charity : our direct charity actions –AinEbel Hospital, etc
  5. Culture and Heritage                                                                                           – Lebanese Cultural events and articles.                                                               -Phoenician Heritage (link to PIRC)                                                                      – Lebanese Identity: Collections of articles treating the Lebanese Multicultural identity

6)   WLCU bylaws :International bylaws.

   Available space for Past international bylaws 1960, 1964,1973 ,1985, 1993,etc.                                                                                                                                WLCU history : articles about the creations of the FIEL.WLU,WLCU.

             WLCU  Archives: (to be developed) : news and documents to follow one unique category following one precise section that is the world congress.for example:

              3-a 14 world congress:   date of meeting . report, press release, Elections, resolutions,  photos  etc

              3-b 15 world congress:  date of meeting . report, press release, Elections, resolutions ,photos etc

               3-c 16 world congress:  date of meeting , report, press release, Elections, resolutions, photos etc


           7)  Lebanese Emigration: Articles related to the issue of emigrations.

                    -we start with the MOU between the NDU& WLCU (Documents and                              pictures).

                    -link to LERC(Lebanese emigration research center).

                    – BOOKS related to Diaspora issues.

8) UN Activities :Link to DPI.as per request of the associationship with them.

                 -Press releases and pictures related to our presence at the UN.           

12) Arts news :a place for and not limited too

                       -international Lebanese Sculpture -Painters– photographer;

 13) youth and Sports:-( all news from Lebanese descent sport  champions)


Thank you for the presentation, it was very successful and very academic. This intellectual presentation in a scientific approach, treated various subject related to the core of the WLCU mission statement.

Elie Hakme :Congratulation for the tremendous work that will involve in the future a big number of people to keep up with load of work.

W President :I would like to Congratulate the people involved, hoping they will be able to continue working at this big scale.

We opened the subject to discussion.

Toni Kaddissiwhy you used the old logo in the Header?

Camille Louis: We used the same logo, but enhanced design.

Toni Kaddissi: WSG promised to finish the web in last Oct, but why it was finished late ?

WSG: We did not have any resources, we did the study and waited for the personal membership to come, when the world president donated $2000 to the web we hire a company and we started the work.

Camille Louis: We had lots of challenges with the languages especially with Arabic language, we are presenting a beta version meaning all you suggestions for any change are welcomed.

Georges Abiraad: Is it possible in the future to access from France the Webpage and  the French home page will open?

Camille Louis: Yes it is a possibility.

Elie Hasbani: I own a company that does a search engine, and I am ready to help you in collecting different news on daily basis; for example news about the famous Lebanese in the world.

Dr Kahwaji thanked Eng Camille Louis for the technical proposal, and Roger for the menus presentation, and explain the following:

As we proposed in Ghana, world council meeting, I will repeat what we agreed on:

  The website is to be directed by Qualified people, from technical expert to academic and to Marketing peoples, I will be in charge of  a board of directors to run the daily affairs and to advance the website from content to archives etc . (Any W President, and any WSG will be provided by an authenticated access to manage their news directly).we proposed 3 years plan to complete the work and to be self-sufficient financially.

All the domain names to be directed asap to www.wlcu.org while we are waiting to acquire the domain name WWW.WLCU.INT .at that time we pointed all domain names to it .

Georges Abiraad:

I believe we should call the qualified people “ board of editors” and not “board of directors” , as board of  Directors should include official from the WLCU  (like WP, WSG, Board of trustees ) .

Joseph Youness: the Board of directors could include the WP , WSG , President BOT, and the director of the website. Every time they changed we update the names.

Georges Abiraad:  what about the registration of the WLCU.INT ?

WSG: I proposed to register it in the name of the WLCU Incorporation registered in LA and at the UN, this Incorporation will own the new domain.

Georges Abiraad:  As long as this incorporation is updated at every world congress.

WSG : No doubt about it as past WP Anis Garabet is in charge. we could check with him.

For now we need Nada at Beirut office to copy and paste the info from dot com to dot org , and she already received written instruction from the administrator on how to upload info related to the W President in the home page of wlcu.org.”

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