Press release from WLCU-Ghana

Press release from WLCU-Ghana:            Official document from WLCU-Ghana

The Board of directors of the WLCU in Ghana issued a press release in Accra concerning the following:

The WLCU- Ghana:

Affirm that, there is no organisation called the “Lebanese community”, nor it had a president.

We declare all these persons, pretending to represent the Lebanese community in Ghana  or speaking on its behalf as an illegal and non-legitimate.

We would like to remind you that :
The WLCU- Ghana:

– was established as an organisation in Ghana in 19 feb 1966, under the registration number: 664/1966.

– presided by Mr Chakib Rammal .Since its inception this organisation had a legal elections every 2 years according to its bylaws, and internal regulations,

-Involved in many social and cultural activities and considered the only representative of the Lebanese community in Ghana according to the supreme court of Ghana dated in 26/08/2009, and the Lebanese ministries of Interior and justice, reference nb: 256/2012 dated 29 mar 2012.

Check the official document in Arabic Language:

Official document from WLCU-Ghana

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