Meeting of the WLCU Regional Council for Latin America in Bogota from 2 till 4 May 2013-En

WLCU Regional Council for Latin America held its meeting from May 2 till 4 at the Lebanese club in Bogota, Colombia, chaired by the WP Michel Doueihi, in the presence of the WSG Toni Kaddissi, President of the Regional council in Latin America Fernando Helo, Vice President of the Regional council in Latin America Juan Jose Nassar, Regional Secretary General Juan Saliba, Former WP Bechara Bechara, President of the National Council in Colombia Samira Helo, President of the National Council in Venezuela Michel Assaf, Former Vice WP Alberto Cheker, Honorary President and one of the WLCU founders Antoine Helo, President of the Lebanese Club in Colombia Francisco Helo, officers and members of the WLCU chapters in Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia and representatives of the youth chapters in Latin America.

A ceremony was held on the first day in honor of the participants, in presence of the Lebanese Diaspora in Colombia.

WLCU President expressed appreciation to the regional council of Latin America for hosting this meeting, and shed light on the actual role the WLCU played in the Latin continent, raising high the name of Lebanon.

WLCU chapters participating in this meeting, have then elaborated all of their previous and future activities as well as the ongoing preparations for the visit of Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi to Latin America, where the WSG Toni Kaddissi thanked them for their help in making this visit successful and praised about the importance of the WLCU chapters in several countries to hold ceremonies and elect misses to participate in the final ceremony of Miss Emigrants organized by the Municipality of Dhour Chweir – Ain el Syndianeh in Lebanon in 10 August 2013.

In addition, working groups gathered to examine several issues, mainly the right of Lebanese women to grant nationality to their children.

On the last day, conferees went over the upcoming meeting of the youths, of Lebanese origins, organized by WLCU in Lebanon to be held from 16 to 26 August 2013.

The Regional council for Latin America’s next meeting will be held in Costa Rica during the month of November 2013.

At the end of the meeting, several shields of honor were distributed.

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