A Lebanese-American among the directors of the new NGO Obama

A Lebanese-American among the directors of the new NGO Obama

Sara el-Amin, director of the organization in an NGO Barack Obama. Photo

Sara El-Amine: a name to remember, because it is a young Lebanese-American as President Barack Obama chose in person to be part of the leadership of its new non-profit organization profit, “Organizing for Action” (OFA, Organizing for Action).


OFA is a product of the war machine, the U.S. president election, in which Sara El-Amine officiated already as national director for training. Today, El-Amin is director of the organization, nationally, within OFA, whose main objective is to implement on the ground, the agenda of Barack Obama for his second mandate.


It is part of his new responsibilities as Sara El Amine including the organization announced on February 22, a national day to prevent the issue of firearms, a record high to Democratic President. In this context, Sara El-Amine beat the recall volunteers and supporters of President called for donations to fund the organization of the event and related campaigns.


Sara is the eldest of Lebanese-Irish based in Boston, Massachusetts.


One of the events in the life of the woman is 11 September 2001. What it says on the website of Barack Obama :

“I was in college 11 September 2001. My family was devastated upon learning the outcome of the attack our country and saddened by the fear and misunderstanding that resulted towards Muslim communities and Arab-American ( …).

Rather than let this fear and misunderstanding paralyze our community, my family decided to organize a series of trainings to the local library. We worked with amazing librarian to arrange dialogues around the question of what it means to be Muslim and Arab-American and we gave our community an opportunity to discuss national issues and their impact on our town.

I remember very well the first session. My mother and I had prepared hummus and other Lebanese dishes and my father saw the room completely filled. I will never forget the pride on my father’s face when he realized how much our friends, our community and our neighbors wanted to engage in a constructive dialogue. These sessions have changed my life (…). An idea came into my head that night, about the power of each individual to create lasting change in their community. “


Another milestone for El-Amine, who studied diplomacy in the hope of reaching an international organization like the United Nations: the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon. The war cost the lives of a young cousin Sara, which deeply marks the young woman. The following year, she discovered the book of Barack Obama, “The Audacity of Hope”. She devours the book in one night and the next is committed as a volunteer in the Obama campaign for the Democratic primary. Then she passes the national campaign.

Since then, the young woman never dropped Obama.


Campaign, Sara El-Amine said especially remember the multicultural side of the team and that different beliefs were accepted.


“I know that many young Arab-Americans are drawn into international politics, and I think it’s fantastic, but if I think that I have learned over the past five years, I can say that there is an essential overlap between what happens to the national and international levels, “said the young woman at the Arab American Institute in June.


On a more personal level, the young woman can boast of having a direct encounter and somewhat unique with the U.S. president. Sara has indeed received live congratulations from U.S. President when Obama visited a campaign office in August 2012, she had become engaged to a certain Matthew Saniie.




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